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Private downloads don't update


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Not set


(seamonkey2.18 fixed, seamonkey2.19 fixed)

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seamonkey2.18 --- fixed
seamonkey2.19 --- fixed


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Although starting a private download opens a progress dialog, the dialog never updates. Also when it does update it will automatically close when done, which is inconvenient as there is no way to reopen it.
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The addPrivacyAwareListener is the change that makes the dialog update correctly.

I opted to hide the checkbox if the download is private.

If properties for an already finished download are opened from the download manager then the dialog will not close automatically. If you think this is outside the scope of the bug then I will remove that part of the patch.
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Hm. Should we even open a progress dialog for a PB download?
(In reply to Philip Chee from comment #2)
> Should we even open a progress dialog for a PB download?

They don't appear in the Download Manager, so what choice do we have?
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Proposed patch

Works if I save a web page. If I use the context menu "Save Link Target As..." the Download Manager opens and the download is not private. Need to fix nsContextMenu.js

See Bug 792517 and:
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Proposed patch

f=me any remaining issues to be fixed in Bug 851304
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Pushed comm-central changeset 386c0f15fcd6.
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