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Private browsing mode feature


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(Depends on 2 open bugs)


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Web browser should allow for user to enter a 'private' mode where data
is not stored on the local pc, data may include web history, cookies etc.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
The core feature is going to land soon, so it will also take a simple UI-only patch in order for SeaMonkey to support this.
Depends on: PrivateBrowsing, mozpb
Confirming as I'd at least like to see it; it is a matter of "how to expose the UI" and we probably need at _least_ Session Store support first.
Ever confirmed: true
Version: unspecified → Trunk
The core bug seems to have lost steam as of March 2009, so I've posted a comment to see if anyone's still working on it.  The Firefox implementation seems to work well enough.  I find myself using Safari over SeaMonkey for most of my browsing because I want history entries and cookies suppressed for casual browsing, reserving it for work-related sites for which history and cookies are actually useful.  Also, I'd prefer to prevent the browser from maintaining any information about sensitive logins (banks, credit cards, insurance, etc.) beyond not remembering the usernames and passwords.
Flags: wanted-seamonkey2.1?
So, the patch I've posted in bug 462832 is bitrotted right now.  I need help from someone who's willing to put some efforts into making this patch apply cleanly on trunk and possibly handle a few cases which might have changed in the private browsing code after the time I wrote that patch (which shouldn't be that many.)

I'll be able to help any volunteer to work their way through the process, and I can provide them with a clear view of how they should drive the patch, and I can also promise timely reviews!  :-)

Is there anyone up for this task?
Duplicate of this bug: 228508
Flags: wanted-seamonkey2.1?
Keywords: helpwanted
Duplicate of this bug: 666432
Duplicate of this bug: 666432
The per-window private browsing back end is now fully enabled on trunk. We just need to create UI and port all of the supporting front end changes.
Depends on: PBnGen
No longer depends on: mozpb, PrivateBrowsing
Keywords: helpwantedmeta
Depends on: 837492
Depends on: 837493
Depends on: 837496
Depends on: 837510
See Firefox Bug 832290 - Proper styling for full-screen private windows on Mac
Depends on: 841230
Depends on: 841616
Depends on: 842439
Depends on: 846762
Depends on: 856322
Depends on: 856406
Depends on: 856587
No longer depends on: 856587
Depends on: 851304
Depends on: 849440
Depends on: 844497
Depends on: 858825
Depends on: 861691
Depends on: 872000
Depends on: 872521
Depends on: 873032
Related bugs filed for Firefox which may need to be ported unless they get in effect implicitly for SeaMonkey by fixes in the Private Browsing backend code:

Bug 826865 - Do not store offline cache data in private mode
Bug 873024 - Changes in site-specific zoom leaks from private into regular
             browser windows showing the same site
Depends on: 873355
Depends on: 874042
Depends on: 875889
Depends on: 883577
Depends on: 887045
Depends on: 896404
Depends on: 899104
Depends on: 939566
Depends on: 1015924
Depends on: 1025569
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