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WebIDL-ify Gamepad API


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Ms2ger started on this, but we decided to punt on it for initial landing.
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Depends on: 850159
This still needs a parent object, but that seemed to be fairly easy from what I heard from Ted.
We still need to have the interface around until we move the events to webidl-only; not sure how much work that still needs from smaug.
Depends on: 855804
I had to tweak a few things to make this work, but this runs and passes tests now. Notably we need the patch from bug 855700 so that the nsIVariant members can actually get exposed to content.

This also hooks up cycle collection of the nsGlobalWindow's mGamepads, since each gamepad now holds a ref back to its parent window. This depends on the patch in bug 855804.
Folded in part b. This works, so I think it's good enough.
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I think this is "good enough" without bug 850159. The implementation isn't any worse than it already is. Once we get support for WebIDL arrays we can get rid of the variant goop.
No longer depends on: 850159
Blocks: 856373
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...and backed out because it broke B2G where gamepad is disabled:
I neglected to ifdef the webidl, which is what caused the bustage that caused the backout. Here's a fixed patch that I'll reland when the tree is open.
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