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Un-hide WindowsXP opt xpcshell tests when the failure rate isn't unacceptably high


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Windows XP
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Due to the dependencies marked here (primarily bugs 824022 and bug 855269), Windows XP opt xpcshell fails ~50% of the time it runs, which does not meet our standards for a visible by default test suite. I am hiding it on all mozilla-central based trees until the situation is improved.
(Moving to TBPL's component, since that's where the unhiding takes place, and is the component sheriffs watch. Fixing the failure rate to get us to the point where we can unhide is covered by the dependant bugs, which are in the appropriate components)
Component: XPCShell Harness → Tinderboxpushlog
Product: Testing → Webtools
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Depends on: 854330, 866328
In case anybody's wondering, we still see these failures on the iX machines as well.

Also, information from bug 824022 that might help:

(In reply to Dave Townsend (:Mossop) from comment #946)
> (In reply to Phil Ringnalda (:philor) from comment #945)
> > So does the log information from comment 944, now that we time it out and
> > dump the log, help?
> The log tells me that the test actually completed successfully, xpcshell
> even ran the cleanup functions and logged the fact that all checks in the
> test passed, i.e. it makes it to the end of the main _execute_test function
> in the xpcshell test harness
> (
> Then apparently it just fails to exit the xpcshell process, so the question
> becomes what would cause that to happen?

(In reply to Phil Ringnalda (:philor) from comment #948)
> "Windows."
> Is that a time when we would be likely to try to delete a file? Windows
> hates when we try to delete files, almost as much as it hates it when we
> don't delete files.
No longer depends on: 798986, 824022, 839390, 842270, 854330, 855269, 866328
Depends on: 874647
This had been unhidden by armen a while ago. Armen, please comment in the bug when doing this/file one if it doesn't exist, see:

Though the failure rate has suddenly spiked again today :-/
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Webtools → Tree Management
Component: TBPL → Visibility Requests
Product: Tree Management → Tree Management Graveyard
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