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leaking docshell mochitest-chrome test causes many other tests to fail, pass, etc...


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While debugging why dom/tests/mochitest/chrome/test_fullscreen.xul fails on ubuntu VM's, I found that I couldn't reproduce the problem by running just the dom subdirectory of the mochitest-chrome tests.  

Upon further investigation I had removed the docshell/* tests from the chrome folder and my tests pass.  What is more disturbing is new tests fail:
6333 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_localStorageQuotaPrivateBrowsing_perwindowpb.html | Test timed out.
8715 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/layout/forms/test/test_bug536567_perwindowpb.html | uncaught exception - TypeError: can't access dead object at chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/layout/forms/test/test_bug536567_perwindowpb.html:120
12689 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/toolkit/components/passwordmgr/test/test_privbrowsing_perwindowpb.html | Checking submitted password - got , expected notifyp1

So something in docshell is causing 3 private browsing tests to pass and causing test_fullscreen.xul to fail.
seems to be in test_bug[1-3]*.
appears to be in test_bug36* and test_bug39*.  There are 4 files and if all are missing I pass the fullscreen test consistently.  

As for the private browsing errors, those tests are not related to it.
test_bug364461.xul is the culprit for the fullscreen.xul errors, could it be we don't call finish here?  I would assume if we messed up the call to SimpleTest.finish() that it would affect one of the dozen or so other test cases between it and fullscreen.xul:
Blocks: 834725
This test looks like it could use the new SimpleTest.registerCleanupFunction from bug 866641!
yes, but what would we clean up?
The stuff that finish is doing?
oh yeah...lets make sure when this test case is fixed that it get retrofitted for some new goodness.  No point in fixing this if the test case will be disabled soon (i.e. the original developers cannot fix this).
ok, it also looks test_bug301397.xul (like is also causing this to display as well.

I am not sure what to do here.  

removing only:

or removing only:

allows for test_fullscreen.xul to work.  What is even more strange is that we can remove just one of them and the other doesn't cause problems.  Removing both allows us to work just fine.  

With all the problems these docshell tests seem to be causing I am really tempted to turm them all off.  I can't do that because all kinds of other chrome tests (i.e. private browsing related) will time out.

speaking of private browsing, removing:

seems to make all the private browser tests fail (by timeout).  So far 3 out of 29 of these tests are causing problems in other tests.
cc'ing folks who have all written tests mentioned in this bug to date, if you are an original author, please look at this bug and help figure out what is going on.
jgriffin, if you are going to look at this on your loaner ubuntu slave, remember to remove the mochitest/tests.jar file so you can use the tests from the mochitest/chrome/ folder.
we can disable one test for now since the original test authors haven't come up with a fix for the last week.  Once this is landed and we are running mochitest-other on ubuntu, this will be easy to test on try server.
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disable one of the known leaking tests for linux (1.0)

Review of attachment 747467 [details] [diff] [review]:

Not that I know much about these type of patches but you don't seem to do anything scary! :P
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Duplicate of this bug: 870919
in debug mode these 3 tests cause test_fullscreen.xul to fail:
re-enable the docshell test and disable the test_fullscreen.xul.  After finding 3 other tests which cause interference, I am going to disable the one test which is in our way.
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