Dynamic toolbar stays hidden when panning up on some sites




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The typical case for me is on http://www.google.com/reader/i/
Say there are 10 items to read, and you scroll down to read them. Then you mark them as read. The page then ends up about half the vertical size of the screen, and no matter what you do with your fingers, there is no way to get the awesomebar to show up. My workaround is to "show all" in the google reader menu, to display read items, to have the possibility to scroll down, which then allows to scroll up and get the awesomebar again.
Blocks: 716403
Summary: Awesomebar stays hidden when panning up on some sites → Dynamic toolbar stays hidden when panning up on some sites
This probably happens with scrollable sub-frames or when touchstart is preventDefault'd.
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somewhat related to bug 866793
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This is a problem for me on all sites. I never get to see the toolbar until I scroll all the way to the top. I just tried on Bugzilla, google, and a bunch of other sites.
Is this still an issue for people? We have fixed a number of bugs related to the dynamic toolbar. Please make sure you are on the latest Nightly/Aurora/Beta
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My confusion was because you need to scroll up while touching an area in the top 1/3 (or maybe 1/2) of the screen. Once I knew that, it works fine. I still think there is a bug in that there is no way for a user to know this. maybe that's been fixed?
That is not the expected behavior any more. Any reasonable sized pan (aprox 1/4 a screen) should show the address bar now. It should not matter where the pan happens.

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6 years ago
So, the problem here is that Google Reader is dead, and I don't know what it was doing with iframes and whatnot that would confuse the previous algorithms. And I'm not sure if those are fixed or not with the new behaviour and how it interacts with iframes, and there's no way i can test with Google Reader. Except if someone has a copy of their code. :(
Or maybe someone else had the same problem on another site?
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We fixed several cases where this sort of issue happened bug 892246, bug 886576, bug 869156 

Going to mark this bug as incomplete as we cannot know if Google Reader works. Devd if there are still issues with getting the toolbar to show up while panning please file a new bug.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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ftr, a recent commit (which was uplifted to aurora and beta too) allows for scroll events in iframes (and other sub-frames) to hide and reveal the toolbar, as well as on the root document.
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