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Rack HD Panda Chassis Prototype in SCL1


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(Whiteboard: SD Cards are Installed )

The first prototype is built and ready to be moved from my desk in MTV1 to be rack in the p10 SCL1 rack (201-12).

Please see for documentation. There you will find nice pictures with labels to make cabling easier.

None of the panda boards have SD Cards so if DCOPs doesn't have 23 spares they will need to be ordered.  They will also need the Pre-seed image on the sdcards.

Also note the 24th board has been removed and the relay board has been connected to the 24th rear port (see docs)

I've already tagged the pandas and relay board with asset tags but still need to be added to inventory/dhcp and dns.

Slot	SN	        Asset
1       U4460526884	12068
2       U4460528328	12069
3       U4460528326	12070
4       U4460528341	12071
5       U4460528334	12072
6       U4460528336	12073
7       U4460529046	12074
8       U4460529055	12075
9       U4460528331	12076
10      U4460529053	12077
11      U4460528325	12078
12      U4460528338	12079
13      U4460528335	12080
14      U4460528337	12081
15      U4460528363	12082
16      U4460528327	12083
17      U4460528329	12084
18      U4460526914	12085
19      U4460526844	12086
20      U4460526896	12087
21      U4460528342	12088
22      U4460528500	12089
23      U4460528330	12090
panda-{0887-0909} and panda-relay-080 have been added to dns
SD cards have been ordered [approval pending].
Order Number: 	1BCBZSR
Rails and screws to mount the rails are on top of the chassis.  Don't forget them :-)
We'll also need to install a new switch dedicated to this chassis. We'll need to punch down 4 new crossconnects for the switch, as well.
colo-trip: --- → scl1
Can we get a status update?  Getting this chassis into production is a Q2 goal for us and I don't want to see it slip.  via IRC: Ashlee stated the SD cards are in also.
We racked the switch and HD chassis, punched the cross connects, labeled the individual pandas, and imaged the SD cards yesterday. We have team meetings up in MV today so we should be able to wrap it up by EOD Monday (including inventory and switch config).
I would also like to point out, for everyone's safety, this prototype chassis contains unshielded high voltage electrical contacts and should be unplugged before opening the chassis up.  I've also put up a warning on the mana page and I am looking into getting warning stickers just for this prototype chassis.  The next minor revision will have all the high voltage stuff covered inside so it won't be a risk in future versions.  But in the meantime, keep this in mind when working with the HD panda chassis prototype.
16 GB SanDisk SD Cards are now installed on each board.
Whiteboard: SD Cards are Installed
panda chassis racked, csv sent to :dividehex and :arr. switch has been configured and trunked with vlans p10, ops, and inband. please let me know if there are any issues.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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