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design a higher capacity panda chassis


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(Whiteboard: [2013Q2] u=panda c=it p=3)

We currently have a panda chassis design that will accommodate up to 12 pandas in a 4U rack space.  Since rack space is limited in our datacenters, we are going to work on a higher density design.
Assignee: server-ops-releng → jwatkins
Depends on: 778221
Whiteboard: u=panda c=it p=3
We are still working out software details but these hardware requirements will help Jake get started on a design.

Hardware requirements for Android Panda Chassis:

- Proper airflow, cold aisle compatible
- Self-contained power supply that matches datacenter voltage requirements (208v)
- Stable mechanical mounting
- Ability to replace individual pieces of faulty internal hardware (FRUs)
- Modular internal design: power, networking, cooling
  - chassis on rails for easy access
  - chassis lid should be easily removable for maintenace
  - easily removable mounting brackets for pandaboards
  - RelEng does not have a requirement for hot swap
- Physical hardware management
  - Maximizing top-of-rack switch usage
  - Maximizing rack space usage/power density while still allowing for proper cable management
- Remote power management
- Remote imaging for a larger percentage of failure modes
- Adequate internal density for future growth within confined datacenter space
Those look good to me.
Whiteboard: u=panda c=it p=3 → [2013Q1] u=panda c=it p=3
Whiteboard: [2013Q1] u=panda c=it p=3 → [2013Q2] u=panda c=it p=3
Depends on: 882449
Design is completed
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