Offer to re-migrate a user's profile if it's gone unused for months




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(Quoting Asa Dotzler [:asa] from bug 498181 comment 0)
> There are probably a lot of users out there who, for various reasons, have
> since moved from Firefox to another browser. When those users return to
> Firefox to try out a new release, the Firefox profile is no longer up to
> date with their contemporary browsing data. Returning the user to that old
> profile data doesn't make good sense. Also, if the user abandoned Firefox
> because of some profile instability issue from add-ons or other profile
> hackery, then returning them to that old profile doesn't make good sense.
> I believe that Firefox should check at launch and if the profile it's about
> to use hasn't been touched in more than one month (two?), we should prompt
> the user with some kind of a "Would you like to reset Firefox to "factory
> defaults" and/or re-migrate your IE/Chrome/Safari data?" option.
> If the profile is really really old, I think we should just do this
> automatically. 
> If doing things automatically is rejected, then I think we should add a
> button in the advanced prefs that resets Firefox and re-migrates user data
> from other browsers.
> Abandoned Firefox profiles are either out dated or broken or both.  We
> should so something to give the user a better returning to Firefox
> experience.
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