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Copy/Paste broken in Firefox 22


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22 Branch
Windows 7
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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:22.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/22.0 (Beta/Release)
Build ID: 20130618035212

Steps to reproduce:

Highlight text>right click>copy
Highlight text>Ctrl+C
Highlight text>Edit>Copy

Actual results:

Right click>Paste option is greyed out
Ctrl+V>does not paste
Highlight text>Edit>Paste option greyed out

Expected results:

Copy/paste broken using FF22. Have done everything on every recommended page. Fresh install, reset Firefox, delete cache, new profile, checked registry entries for malware, disabled hardware acceleration, safe mode, etc, etc... if it's been mentioned I've already tried it. Reverting back to FF 21 completely fixes the issue, reinstalling 22 breaks it again. I can always "copy", but the "paste" function does not work as if nothing was ever copied. Using FF22 "Paste" is completely greyed out in the right-click context menu & the Firefox "Edit" menu. Ctrl+V does not work either. Everything works fine in FF21 and lower, Chrome, and IE.
Which are the plugins installed in your profile? Maybe some security plugins block this feature.
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Or a 3rd-party application.
As stated, I tried in safe mode and also from a completely clean install with an entirely new profile so plugins/addons aren't the issue. Neither is a 3rd party application, as anything effecting FF22 is also installed when using FF21 and lower... and they all work fine. I previously did uninstall both my firewall and antivirus, then another clean install, but it didn't help. I have since seen many different posts regarding this issue, both here and elsewhere:

There are several more if you do a search for "copy paste".
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But to answer your question regardless...

Foxit Reader Plugin
Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U25
Shockwave Flash 11.7.700.224

Adblock Plus 2.2.4
NoSquint 2.1.9
Roboform Toolbar
Stataus-4-Evar 2013.2.16.23

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 11.0.768.000

Win7 x64 SP1
I'm pretty sure one of this app is culrpit. Try with Roboform Toolbar disabled. And disable all security plugins from Kav and ZA loaded in your profile.
As stated twice now, I have already tried those options. A fresh install with a new profile does not have anything additional installed.
There is this FAQ too:
Have already tried all of these options, and everything listed in my original post:
So there is a possible regression in Firefox 22 in specific conditions.
Use the tool mozregression (see for details).
Firefox 22 nightlies started in Feb. 2013 (mozregression --good=2013-02-01).

2013-02-21 = good
2013-02-22 = bad

Repeated test multiple times and the copy/paste issue always happens starting with 2013-2-22.
might be related to bug 842361 which falls into this range?
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Duplicate of bug: 883554
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