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We have new US for exporting contact to the SIM card and to vcard.

We should try to do as well as we did for the import contacts, provide a common mechanism to 'export' to 'any' source, and then enable 'connectors' (as could be the vcard or the sim ones to use that common UI.
Blocks: 887673
No longer depends on: 887673, 888931
Blocks: 887776
listed as must have in v1.2 for COMM team. koi+
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as a generic export functionality, we are thinking of a common ui that allow the user to export a single, or multiple contacts in the different formats.

It comes to my mind like the contacts list we use from importing from different sources, perhaps we could even reuse that one.

Ayman, Jose Manuel, what do you think about this?
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4 years ago
yes, I'm sympathetic with that idea, and in this case the UI can be more simple than with import as the user will only have to select and not to unselect. So in  the end we can have an architecture based on exporter_ui, exporter connectors and exporters.
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4 years ago
In case we have a new UI for the US, we need some test cases for it. Minus in-testsuite if we decide not to have a new UI for it.


4 years ago
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4 years ago
MozTrap #9047, #9048
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Should this really be an user story?
The user stories seems to be bug 887673 and bug 887776 saying the export of contact to USIM and Media Card

This bug sounds like the underlying generic solution to support both user stories so this bug can probably be used to land the actual foundation for both bug 887673 and bug 887776. 

What do you think? thanks
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we want to put work here as an user story to deliver a functionality that will help us not just to deliver bug 887673 and bug 887776, but to allow us to include in the future any kind of source to export to (like could be any external service: google contacts).

That's the reason we want to invest some time here, to save it later ;)

yes i totally understand. 
i was cleaning up the user story bugs and try to make a better user story tree in bugzilla.
You are definitely welcome to take a generic approach to satisfy the 2 user story bugs. i was just feeling that this is not exactly an user story (in a format that's put together by the Product team). so i think this should only be linked to bug 887673 and bug 887776, rather than linking to the whole v1.2 COMMs meta bug 887455.
it's just a minor dependency tree linking thing :)
sure :)

Thanks Joe!
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4 years ago
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Summary: [User Story] Generic export functionallity → Generic export functionallity
Assignee: nobody → francisco.jordano
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Depends on: 901079
Depends on: 902873
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4 years ago
QA Contact: atsai
Created attachment 790797 [details]
Pointer to PR 11550

This is the generic functionality, enabling the panels in settings, navigation, and contacts selection.

@Ben, I'll submit a branch with this code an an example of an strategy working, the SIM export, which will be used as PR for bug 887673

Attachment #790797 - Flags: review?(bkelly)
@Ben, I've uploaded the code for testing this genereric exporter to this branch:

That is using this code + the SIM export strategy which will be part of PR for bug 887673 once added unit tests.


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4 years ago
Initial comments in the Github PR.  I still want to run the tests and try it out on my phone.  I won't have time to do that until the morning, though.

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4 years ago
Comment on attachment 790797 [details]
Pointer to PR 11550

Francisco, I think this looks good.  I like how the export code is coming together.  Since there are just a few test issue to address I'm going to go ahead and r+.  We just need to make sure the tests pass on travis before landing.

Nice work and thanks!
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4 years ago
removing ni to me as comment 2 was resolved in discussion a while ago
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