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[User Story] Export contact as VCARD to Media Card


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User story:

As a user I expect to be able to go into contacts app and select multiple/all contacts and export to my media card in VCARD format.


* contacts app is open
* contacts are available in contacts app that can be exported to media card
* media card is present in the device
* media card has space for contacts

Acceptance Criteria:

* user is shown a status while contacts are being exported to media card
* user is informed at the end of export how many contacts were exported and how many were not and the total number of contacts selected for export
* user is informed if there is no media card in the device
* user is given understandable messages on other exception scenarios
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wireframe solution for bug
pages 11 and 12 are the relevant pages in document
Could you please explain this notification thing on 7th screen? Is it part of Contacts app or should we use system notifications for this?
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UI for this will be ready tomorrow, so I'll send a PR after Bug 890490 and Bug 896982 will land.
@michalbe, could we sync tomorrow?

We have a component, not landed yet cause we are waiting for bug 890490, that adds the ui for any kind of export destination, included the vcard format to the media card.
:arcturus we need to wait for Bug 896982 anyway. Sergi, any estimated delivery time for this one?
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I plan to submit for review tonight (CET) or tomorrow morning.
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QA Contact: rafael.marquez
PLease find visuals needed for this implementation in the following link:

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask.
(In reply to Michal Budzynski (:michalbe) from comment #6)
> Could you please explain this notification thing on 7th screen? Is it part
> of Contacts app or should we use system notifications for this?

This notification 'thing' on the 7th screen should be part of the system notifications. These are wireframes, not visual designs don't forget so the 'thing's' location on the Y axis might not be correct. Visual Design and existing Patterns will dictate exact location so refer to them.

Also the thing is that we need to align the BT pairing and notification experience with other sending/receiving file scenarios. At the moment what i have specified is quite different to what exists in the BT experience from Gallery app. I am trying to open up a conversation with Neo in Taipei in order to discuss this alignment. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow (Thursday Berlin time)
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Assignee: mbudzynski → francisco.jordano
Whiteboard: [TEF][UCID:Comms15, FT:comms, KOI:P1], [u=commsapps-user c=contacts p=0][Sprint 3] → [TEF][UCID:Comms15, FT:comms, KOI:P1], [u=commsapps-user c=contacts p=2][Sprint 3]
Attached file patch
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Did a couple of comments in the PR in github.

Mainly related to the use of the device storage.

I'll recommend to use the shared libraries at:

To handle correctly the access to the sdcard and the files saved.

Looking pretty googd, my only concern is what I commented on the PR, talking with Ayman, when we export several contacts, we should create a single file. That will be in sync with the fact of importing a vcard from bluetooth.

That will make this strategy to use the non deterministic progress (just the spinner since we save a single file), you can see and example of this on the branch:

Now it exports all the contacts in one file, named like contact if there is only one or date_numberOfContactsExported.vcf if there is more than that. Tests updated as well.
:arcturus, could you review this? Thanks.
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Comment on attachment 796121 [details]

Just left a couple of comments, code that we don't need when exporting several contacts to a single file.

Any way, I've tested myself and it's working great and the unit tests are passing :)

So r+plusing since the changes suggested are really small.

Thanks a lot for the work!
Attachment #796121 - Flags: review?(francisco.jordano) → review+
Already r+plused ;) with a couple of minor comments in github.

Please merge once addressed.

Thanks a lot Michal!
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Thank you for everything Francisco, the patch have landed:
Closed: 11 years ago
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Assignee: francisco.jordano → mbudzynski
Depends on: 910170
Depends on: 910182
Depends on: 910188
Depends on: 911089
Depends on: 910176
Depends on: 911075
Depends on: 910185
Follow up bug915649 to gather all the bugs found related to this feature.
The only bug pending in the follow up is covered by other US. There are no more bugs about this US, so verified.
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