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Document post-reimaging steps for w64-ix-slave* for Windows MAPI headers


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Windows 7
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So ideally we won't need to do this by hand at all, so if there is a way to make that possible, PLEASE do that instead.

Either way, we need simple instructions for buildduty to bring these back from reimage to production, in a timely manner. So assigning to :jhopkins to figure this out for the rest of us.
We can file a bug for Relops to add it to the re-imaging task sequence.
See Also: → 869974
Q, what method would you prefer for post-imaging purposes:

a) I provide a .zip file that you unzip into c:\
b) I provide the original .exe installer that requires 1 click to install
c) I provide a Python script which copies the files to a destination host, but requires you to maintain a bit of workstation-side configuration.
d) other?
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Well for the current implementation a script is great. 

When we get Bug 781277 done and we are using GPO to manage the slave machines then we just need the files.
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Q: The files you'll need are in

1) Unzip the files
2) Create an ~/.adminpass file containing the Administrator password for the script to use.
3) Set up a Python virtualenv with paramiko, requests installed
4) With that virtualenv active, run the script (adjust hostname and files directory):
$ python w64-ix-slave22 files_to_upload/*

If you need any more details, please ping me on #releng.  Thanks!
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Q, can you please close this bug once the RelOps re-image documentation includes the above steps?  RelEng will perform these steps in the interim.
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Blocks: 781277
Just a note self Zipped files go to C:\Office 2010 Developer Resources\Outlook 2010 MAPI Headers
This is now be handled by the MAPI headers step in the 2008 R2 clean build 2 build task sequence: 

cmd /c xcopy "z:\files\MAPI headers\*.*" "C:\Office 2010 Developer Resources\Outlook 2010 MAPI Headers\"
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