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We never clear our surface descriptors in shmem texture clients


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ContentClientDoubleBuffered::~ContentClientDoubleBuffered() calls SetDescriptor(SurfaceDescriptor()) as the standard way to blank out a SurfaceDescriptor.
Then in DeprecatedTextureClientShmem::SetDescriptor we check IsSurfaceDescriptorValid
which will be no, because it is the empty Descriptor (T__None) and then we will not unset mDescriptor. Which seems bad. Am I missing something?
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this version does the old thing for null surface descriptors and resets for None ones.

Note that all the null checking on surfaces is not really related to the important thing here which is the destruction sequence for content clients via SetDescriptor.
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This looks sane to me. The thing is that DeprecatedTextureClient feels like it's on an awkward equilibrium because it doesn't have the same semantic on ImageLayers and ThebesLayers. So changing something for one may break the other.
Please make sure you have tested this patch with a video (preferably with async-video) before landing.
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Duplicate of this bug: 904511
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I don't know / remember much about the code around here, I can just say that nothing here conflicts with whatever little I know.

As Nical says, the old TextureClient stuff is very hard to reason about, so make sure you've tested both ContentClients (some web browsing) and ImageClients (use the camera app).
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Duplicate of this bug: 905266
Confirmed: attachment 789336 [details] [diff] [review] fixes the lockscreen crash on Inari.
Blocks: 904658
Tested on Android and b2g (and Windows) - images, video, and camera. Hope I covered all the bases.
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Duplicate of this bug: 904658
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