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WPTouch is not compatible with Firefox OS (B2G)


(Web Compatibility :: Site Reports, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: karlcow, Assigned: miketaylr)




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Bug 843119 is using WPTouch which seems to not recognize Firefox OS

Indeed in

The current array of user agents is

function bnc_wptouch_get_user_agents() {
	$useragents = array(		
	'iPhone', 					// iPhone
	'iPod', 						// iPod touch
	'incognito', 				// iPhone alt browser
	'webmate', 				// iPhone alt browser
	'Android', 					// Android
	'dream', 					// Android
	'CUPCAKE', 				// Android
	'froyo', 						// Android
	'BlackBerry9500', 		// Storm 1
	'BlackBerry9520', 		// Storm 1
	'BlackBerry9530', 		// Storm 2
	'BlackBerry9550', 		// Storm 2
	'BlackBerry 9800', 	// Torch
	'BlackBerry 9850', 	// Torch 2
	'BlackBerry 9860', 	// Torch 2
	'BlackBerry 9780', 	// Bold 3
	'BlackBerry 9790', 	// Bold Touch
	'BlackBerry 9900', 	// Bold
	'BlackBerry 9930', 	// Bold
	'BlackBerry 9350', 	// Curve
	'BlackBerry 9360', 	// Curve
	'BlackBerry 9370', 	// Curve
	'BlackBerry 9380', 	// Curve
	'BlackBerry 9810', 	// Torch	
	'BB10',	 					// BlackBerry 10 devices	
	'webOS',					// Palm Pre/Pixi
	's8000',					// Samsung s8000
	'bada',						// Samsung Bada Phone
	'Googlebot-Mobile',	// Google's mobile Crawler
	'AdsBot-Google'		// Google's Ad Bot Crawler
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Have emailed (from WHOIS), in addition to tweeting [1] at them.

I did get a reply [2] as I was writing a more detailed email, "we don't support Firefox OS at this time." 

Hopefully we can better understand why that might be the case.

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Hmm, seems like my intial attempts at discussion have gone stale. 

Vishy, would you mind writing to They did respond to my initial email, but I haven't heard from them after answering the following question:

> Just to clarify, you'd like us to add "Firefox OS" to the default list of user-agents for WPtouch?
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I wrote a blog post explaining how people can "fix" this problem on their own:
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So discussing with a couple of publishers and site owners, it starts to be an issue. The custom user agent field makes it possible to add things like mobi, but this will catch also things like ipad. The field doesn't authorize regex such as mobi.*firefox

The real solution would be to have bravecode to support firefox os (which is working like any modern browsers) right away, so people don't have to tune their instance. So now I'm encouraging site owners to contact the support of bravecode. It might be more effective. BraveCode might listen more its own customers than ourselves. 

I guess we could change our recommendation to adding the substring "(Mobile;" to the custom user agent field. That would a little bit better at preventing false-positives... sigh. But yes, we need to be officially supported so the suggested fix can be "please upgrade." (Even better would be for the iPad to remove "Mobile" from their UA string if they don't want to get mobile sites. :P)
> "Hi Karl, We’ll be adding support in the next update. Let us know if there are any issues you see! Thx." from
This is fixed!!!!

Thanks to the @bravenewcode team.

> We’ve also recently added support for Firefox OS for mobile devices, and 3.2 also includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements to keep your mobile site running smoothly with WPtouch.

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Time to contact all these people
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