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Gonk (Firefox OS)
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(Reporter: lmandel, Assigned: karlcow)




(Whiteboard: [country-all] [sitewait] [serversniff] [wptouch]) serves a desktop site to B2G. Bug 823364 added an UA override for this domain. The override should be removed once the domain serves mobile content to B2G. This bug tracks the evangelism for the site to recognize the B2G UA and the removal of the override at that time.
Whiteboard: [uaoverride]
Whiteboard: [uaoverride] → [uaoverride] [country-all]
Is it worth having a UA override for this site?
Alexa Rank of TXT2NITE.COM is : 651,453 (low priority)
Flags: needinfo?(lmandel)
Yes. This site was a request from in bug 843204.
Flags: needinfo?(lmandel)
On entering

on Desktop Firefox,             (desktop content)
on ZTE (Firefox OS) without UA override (desktop content)
on ZTE (Firefox OS) with UA override (mobile content)
on Android + Firefox            (mobile content)
on Android + Opera Mini         (mobile content)
on iPod Touch + Safari          (mobile content)  

Firefox OS UA string should be recognized as a mobile. No site with feature detection and responsive design.

On HTTP front and for finding a test.

# Firefox for Android

→ http -v GET User-Agent:'Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Mobile; rv:18.0) Gecko/18.0 Firefox/18.0'  | grep -i "var wptouch"

var WPtouch = {"ajaxurl":"http:\/\/\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","siteurl":"\/","SITETITLE":"txt2nite-textmessages","security_nonce":"dc35b096c8","loading_text":"Loading...","external_link_text":"This is an external link.","wptouch_ignored_text":"This page is not mobile formatted.","open_browser_text":"Do you want to open it in Safari?","instapaper_saved":"Saved to Instapaper!","instapaper_try_again":"Please try again","instapaper_username":"Username or E-Mail","instapaper_password":"Password (if you use one)","classic_post_desc":"Enter Description for Post","leave_a_comment":"Leave a comment","leave_a_reply":"Leave a reply to","comment_failure":"Comment publication failed. Please check your comment details and try again.","comment_success":"Your comment was published.","prowl_failure":"Direct messaging failed. Please check your message details and try again.","validation_message":"One or more fields were not completed.","leave_webapp":"Visiting this link will cause you to leave Web-App Mode.  Are you sure?","add2home_message":"Install the txt2nite Web-App on your %device: tap %icon then \"Add to Home Screen\".","toggle_on":"ON","toggle_off":"OFF"};

# Firefox OS
→ http -v GET User-Agent:'Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:18.0) Gecko/18.0 Firefox/18.0'  | grep -i "var wptouch"

returns nothing
Assignee: nobody → kdubost
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For testing we have to allow a bit of time, the response time of the site is slow.

Contacted with
Whiteboard: [uaoverride] [country-all] [serversniff] → [uaoverride] [country-all] [serversniff] [sitewait]
a reply from someone at txt2nite.
Sent a reminder.
> Sorry wil update wptouch later today. Approx 12 hours time. Hopfully this will solve the issue.

I will reply. WPTouch needs to be fixed. It is  the second site at least that is using it. I'm adding a dependency on Bug 909420
Depends on: wptouch
Flags: needinfo?(miket)
Contacted the owner with a link to the blog post.
Whiteboard: [uaoverride] [country-all] [serversniff] [sitewait] → [uaoverride] [country-all] [sitewait] [serversniff] [wptouch]
See Also: → 978658
Depends on: 980191
Removing UA override keyword by bug 980191
Whiteboard: [uaoverride] [country-all] [sitewait] [serversniff] [wptouch] → [country-all] [sitewait] [serversniff] [wptouch]
Contacted the owner with the link to the post to
Status Quo. Nothing has changed. 
They are still using wptouch:

class="wptouch-pro device-android device-class-iphone skin-granny-green theme-classic post-thumbnails locale-en_us custom_thumbs green-planet cal-colors full-shown left-justify ajax-on hide-addressbar generic loadsaved video-css landscape"

Each time I tried to communicate with "luke" to give updates on the status of the bug, I didn't receive any answers. So not sure we will be able to make any progress. The site is covered by ads, and do not seem to have much more activities.

The last tweet is from February 6, 2014.

I'm tempted to close it as WONTFIX.
... sad, but maybe you should .
(In reply to Karl Dubost :karlcow from comment #11)
> I'm tempted to close it as WONTFIX.

I think this is reasonable. The cost/benefit of continuing to push on an unresponsive site gets worse the longer we try. At some point, it's just not worth pursuing anymore.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Tech Evangelism → Web Compatibility
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