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Attachment reminder's "Remind me later" not persisted when saving, closing and re-opening/editing draft: No alert dialogue when sending


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, defect)

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(Reporter: thomas8, Assigned: sshagarwal)



(Keywords: ux-mode-error, Whiteboard: [datalossy][fixed by bug 521158])

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #833909 +++

STR (tested on TB24,WinXP,POP3 account)

1) compose message
2) type attachment reminder keyword into msg body, e.g. "attacchment"
3) from attachment notification bar, click "Remind me later"
4) Save draft (Ctrl+S) and close it (or close & save changes)
5) From drafts folder, select and re-open ("Edit") the draft
6) Send msg (or Send later: Ctrl+Shift+Enter, for testing purposes)

Actual result

6) "Attachment Reminder" alert dialogue does NOT appear, inspite of user's explicit action in step 3 requesting to be reminded about missing attachments before sending.

Expected result

6) "Attachment Reminder" alert dialogue should appear, as requested by user in step 3. We need to persist this request across closing and re-opening of drafts.

* This bug is ux-mode-error as interface/behaviour is in an unexpected state (no reminder).
* Datalossy (at least) as users relying on this feature can be tricked into sending their messages without attachments against their declared will. Depending on scenario, real-world consequences can be major e.g. if users fail to attach important business documents, resumes etc. More so for bug 521158, see below in this comment.

Bug 833909 is structurally similar but much less frequent and less severe, as we don't fail on explicit user action there. It's different because it's about the notification bar and not the user-activated reminder where the bar is already gone.

This is even more relevant for bug 521158 where we add manual attachment reminder (independent of keywords or number of attachments), which also needs to be persisted.
Blocks: 926056
No longer blocks: 926056
I ensured that this gets fixed in bug 521158, which is assigned to Suyash.
So when bug 521158 lands, this should be fixed (pls verify here).
Assignee: nobody → syshagarwal
Whiteboard: [datalossy] → [datalossy][fix pending in bug 521158]
Thanks to Suyash who fixed this in bug 521158 (, with helpful input from Neil(at) (thanks, too!).

We now persist the status of gManualAttachmentReminder in this header of draft message source:
X-Mozilla-Draft-Info: attachmentreminder=0|1

The cool part being that this works even for templates, so if you save your template with "Remind me later" checked, the reminder (alert before sending) will be already active when using the template to write a new message.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: [datalossy][fix pending in bug 521158] → [datalossy][fixed by bug 521158]
Thanks to :irving too!
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