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Removing a listener from nsFrameMessageManager may prevent other listeners being called.


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If a nsFrameMessageManager has multiple listeners, and one of the listeners removes itself while handling a message, another listener for the same message may not be called.

I believe this is due to removeMessageListener removing the element from the array while messages are being dispatched, thus moving all other listeners in the array down by one.  The loop dispatching messages doesn't handle this, and thus skips the message listener that is now at the index of the one that was removed.

I'll try and work up a test case next week.
Yup. We'll need to move to use ns(Auto)TObserverArray.
(I was thinking about this last week.)
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untested. Will test tomorrow.
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hrmm, a test failure
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Just clearing until you fix the test failures.
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So we had one test actually relying on the behavior :/
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... but that looked like a bug in the test, so I just fixed it.
Try looks good now.
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We need to backport this to 1.2 to fix bug 937394.
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