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Modify and re-enable test_that_new_event_appears_on_all_calendar_views


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In Gaia pull 13607, Johan suggested a workaround to bug 877611:

A workaround to test it despite bug 877611:
1. Comment lines, in order to create a new event with the default calendar UI values.
2. In the same file, replace hours=1 in line 40 by the default values in calendar UI. Example: If your current time is 5:11 AM, the default start value is 18 (for 6:00 PM).
3. In the same file, replace hours=2 in line 41 by start_value += 1. Following the previous example: the new value should be 19 (for 7:00 PM)

Basically this just anticipates the default values for a calendar event and then we have values to assert with.

I think we should modify test_that_new_event_appears_on_all_calendar_views in this manner so that we can re-enable the test coverage.

We can also follow this model of using the default values for extra test cases like deleting events.

Johan might like to take this task as it was his idea!
I'll be working on this.
Assignee: nobody → karan.basi
The task here is to set the "expected" values that we assert with values from the phone's current time.

* remove the lines noted in point 1 above.
* change the lines in point 2 above to fill with values based on the current hour/time on the phone
* same for point 3 using the current hour/time
Karan I'm going to take this one as I'd like to re-enable the coverage.

Ping me, I can find another task for you in the future :)
Assignee: karan.basi → zcampbell
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Ah no worries. I was working on it but my macbooks hard drive failed and I won't be getting it back for a couple of weeks. I forgot to post an update. My bad.
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github pr

I have a concern in the test but don't know if this is the right pull to solve it
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Uplifted to v1.2
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Good to merge when the tree reopens.
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