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[User Story] FxA - Provide Single Sign On for Services using Firefox Accounts


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feature-b2g 2.0


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(Whiteboard: [ucid:FxA46, 2.0:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts][qa+][dependency:Marketplace])

User Story:

As a user, I want to use my Firefox Account to seemlessly log in to Firefox Services. This will prevent me from having to regluarly re-enter my login and password each time I use one of these services.


Limited to Where's my Fox and Marketplace at this time.

Acceptance Criteria:

1. Credentials should be passed transparently to the consuming service
2. The user should be logged in to all consuming services with no additional action required
3. If the user is not logged in to Firefox accounts they should be notified of such when attempting to launch a login-required service or attempting to access login-required functions of the service.
Blocks: 941723
Blocks: 938896
Depends on: 930074
Depends on: 947374
Depends on: 945278
Depends on: 943521
No longer depends on: 959535
No longer depends on: 967008
Whiteboard: [ucid:FxA46, 1.4:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts] → [ucid:FxA46, 1.4:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts][qa+]
Manual Tested Acceptance criteria (take #1 - only on Find My Device), including:
- If logged in already, does the app recognize the login status and enable service if applicable?
- If logged in already, does the app recognize the login status and disable/enable service upon user input without authentication?
- If the FxAccount is not logged in, does the app start the FxAccount workflow, and does it complete the authentication?
- If logged in to FxAccount from the app, does the Firefox Accounts settings menu recognize the login status?
- If logs out from FxAccount, does the app automatically disable the service if applicable?

Version Info:
Gaia      5827cb13b1a033141ce539e8fbd44cd0bf16593d
BuildID   20140410040201
Version   31.0a1
Depends on: 994934
No longer depends on: 994934
Manual test case is available here in MozTrap:
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: [ucid:FxA46, 1.4:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts][qa+] → [ucid:FxA46, 2.0:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts][qa+]
Whiteboard: [ucid:FxA46, 2.0:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts][qa+] → [ucid:FxA46, 2.0:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts][qa+][dependency:Marketplace]
Flags: in-moztrap?(npark)
Flags: in-moztrap?(npark) → in-moztrap+
feature-b2g: --- → 2.0
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