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Add support for mtable@columnwidth


(Core :: MathML, defect, P5)





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(Keywords: helpwanted)

columnwidth: 	("auto" | length | "fit") +

"specifies how wide a column should be: "auto" means that the column should be as wide as needed; an explicit length means that the column is exactly that wide and the contents of that column are made to fit by linewrapping or clipping at the discretion of the renderer; "fit" means that the page width remaining after subtracting the "auto" or fixed width columns is divided equally among the "fit" columns. If insufficient room remains to hold the contents of the "fit" columns, renderers may linewrap or clip the contents of the "fit" columns. Note that when the columnwidth is specified as a percentage, the value is relative to the width of the table, not as a percentage of the default (which is "auto"). That is, a renderer should try to adjust the width of the column so that it covers the specified percentage of the entire table width.."
Priority: -- → P5
Severity: normal → S3
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