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IMAP offline store only working in subfolders after deleting panacea.dat


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Steps to reproduce:

Following was done tying to repair problem of bug 958815:
- IMAP accounts folders are enabled for offline reading; for each *.msf file
  there is a Mbox file in the profile.
- Set TB to offline and close.
- Delete panacea.dat.
- Restart TB to check folder collapsing state.
- Collapse and expand some folders.
- Restart TB again to check folder collapsing state.
--> All IMAP folders except Inbox are disapeared.
    All Mbox files in root folder of IMAP account were deleted, but not in subfolders.
    INBOX.msf was renamed to INBOX-1.msf and new tiny INBOX.msf was created.
    Other *.msf files in root folder of IMAP account remained unchanged.
- Set TB to online and close immediately.
- Delete panacea.dat + INBOX.msf and rename INBOX-1.msf to INBOX.msf.
- Restart TB again.

*** Hopefully I did not miss any step. ***

Actual results:

--> Mbox files in IMAP root folder are still missing.
- Click on big mail in Inbox message list to load mail body.
--> Progress bar indicates download of mail, mail body is displayed after some sec.
    INBOX Mbox file is still missing.
- Click on big mail in subfolder message list.
--> No activity in progress bar; Offline store is still functional in subfolder.
- From elsewhere send test mail to IMAP account.
--> INBOX Mbox file is created, but very small, so only new mail is held in offline store.

Expected results:

After restart of TB with missing Mbox files and deleted panacea.dat, mail bodies of purged offline Mboxes should be automatically downloaded again from server.
Component: Untriaged → Database
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
what was size of panacea.dat?
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See Also: → 760808
Blocks: 678947
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See Also: → 958815

Is this still an issue for you now that Bug 418551 was fixed in version 93?

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OS: Linux → All
Whiteboard: [closeme 2022-07-01]

Version 93 is not available for Ubuntu, even not via PPA:

Flags: needinfo?(Ulf.Zibis)
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