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do a staging release of Firefox and Fennec 29.0b1


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2 weeks before 3/17/2014
Assignee: aki → nthomas
Depends on: 979599
Haven't forgotten this, it's running now.

* Fennec
 * tag: green
 * source: green
 * android: en-US green, 
            repacks failed (using users/ instead of tools-bug961833), 
                    work around in config and rerunning … green  (staging setup issue)
 * armv6 & x86: green

So no issues found. Firefox to follow ...
We don't need to bump the js copy of milestone.txt any more, it was removed in

Also syncs a couple of changes from production to staging.
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** Firefox   
 * tag, source: green
 * linux32: en-US + repack green
 * linux64: en-US + repack green
 * mac: en-US + repack green
 * win: en-US green, 
        repacks failing in partial generation —> sick slave. worked on w64-ix-slave22 (reopened bug 684019 to reimage 04)
 * xulrunner: green
 * bouncer submitter: missing user/pass in config, typo in
      fix that, and prove credentials correct and API still fails, can log on with browser fine !!!
      likely staging only  —> bug 984205, turns out staging is busted (bug 976101)
 * checksums, antivirus, push to mirrors: green
 * updates: green
 * update-verify:
     linux/linux64 - failing to pick up my buildbot-configs —> bug 984204
     mac: still running, going fine
     win: failing on signing (CERT_VERIFY_ERROR), using dep for staging run vs release
The mac update verify came out 6 greens, which I think indicates we're in good shape. I also peeked in a mar and the recent changes to mar files for update-settings etc looked good.

--> Signing off on staging release

There's a couple of special cases for the Firefox side of 29.0b1:
 * the staging run was still —enable-metro, and the aurora hasn't seen any landings, prodded bug 981166
 * bug 979599 asks for a whatsnew page, for en-US only. We can do that with the patch there and on bug
   892972 if r+, or with the usual manual trick

Over to catlee or rail.
Assignee: nthomas → nobody
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[buildbot-configs] Remove js/src/config/milestone.txt bump
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Depends on: 984842
No longer depends on: 984842
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Blocks: 985710
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