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Add NSIS 3.0a2 to Mozilla Build


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This release has ManifestDPIAware which is needed to fix bug 961958.
Attached patch patch - add NSIS 3.0a2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Ted, do you still review Mozilla Build patches? I didn't include the NSIS installer in the patch and will likely remove NSIS 2.33u but I will do that in a separate patch after I consider the ramifications of removing it.
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patch - add NSIS 3.0a2

Review of attachment 8363405 [details] [diff] [review]:

That would be me these days. Can't say I'm horribly thrilled about adding alpha software to the package. Any idea when 3.0 is supposed to go final?

@@ +134,5 @@
>  check_call([join(sourcedir, "nsis-2.46-Unicode-setup.exe"),
>              "/S",
>              "/D=" + join(stagedir, "mozilla-build", "nsis-2.46u")])
> +# rename the NSIS 4.26u executable

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3.0 has been years in the making and I suspect it will be at least a year before it is released.

I've change 4.26u to 4.26 Unicode locally.
Shouldn't it be 2.46?
2.46 is a Unicode only build. 3.0a2 is both Unicode and ANSI.
My point is that you've got "4.26" in these files when it should be "2.46". I just want you to fix the typo.
bah... sorry. Lack of sleep strikes again. ;)
Attached patch patch - add NSIS 3.0a2 rev2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Fixed comment and fixed path for renaming makensis.exe under Bin. I've tested this does the right thing by building MozillaBuild locally. Carrying forward r+

I'll decide whether we can remove NSIS 2.33 by end of day tomorrow.
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Bug 569534 added NSIS 2.46 to Mozilla Build 1.5pre in July of 2010. I'm going to go ahead and remove NSIS 2.33 since the few (if any) that need to build anything from back then can just install an older version of Mozilla Build.
BTW: I am running this by drivers first as well.
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patch - remove nsis 2.33

Review of attachment 8363432 [details] [diff] [review]:

@@ -41,5 @@
> -# install NSIS unicode version 2.33
> -unzip -d "${MSYS_STAGEDIR}/mozilla-build" "${MSYS_SRCDIR}/"
> -# rename the unicode version executable
> -mv "${MSYS_STAGEDIR}/mozilla-build/nsis-2.33u/makensis.exe" "${MSYS_STAGEDIR}/mozilla-build/nsis-2.33u/makensisu.exe"
> -

Please remove the |# * [ NSIS]| line as well.
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patch - add NSIS 3.0a2 rev2

Review of attachment 8363425 [details] [diff] [review]:

Please remove the make-mozillabuild.bat changes. They are machine-specific (and for example, the builder VM we've used for ages for all releases uses the old ones).
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Per Rob, this isn't blocking 1.9 anymore.
No longer blocks: 928594
Another issue has come up where NSIS 3.0a2 solves so I'd like to go ahead and get this in MozillaBuild. Patch updated to comments.
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patch - add NSIS 3.0a2 rev3

Looks like the directory structure has changed so I'll resubmit after figuring out what changed
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patch - add NSIS 3.0a2 rev3

meh, it didn't change... I was looking at a different build. So, this is good to go.
Attachment #8396846 - Flags: review?(ryanvm)
Just noticed that I removed the link to 2.33 in the add 3.0a2 patch and not the remove 2.33 patch. I can fix that locally.
In the nsis 2.33 removal patch, let's delete the nsis-2.33u directory too when installing over an older version.
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patch - add NSIS 3.0a2 rev3

Looks good. Pushed with the nits addressed.

One question for you, Rob. AFAICT, we're using the original 2.46u release. I see that there's a 2.46.5 out with various bugfixes. Do you think it's worth updating to that as well?
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None of the fixes or features in 2.46.5 are issues for us so I don't think it is worth it.
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Thanks :)
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