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[meta] Tracking bug for [auto?] submitting, and potentially being able to list, crashes, while running Gaia UI Tests


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This is intended as a tracking bug for the work needed to be able to [auto?] submit (and possibly list) crashes, while running Gaia UI Tests.

We'll need to make sure that any and all submitted crashes are:

* wanted
* easily distinguished from "real" -- i.e. non-Marionette-driven crashes

As discovered in the recent B2G QA work week in Taipei, there are /many/ consumers of Gaiatest -- including perf, MariFuzz, endurance tests, MTBF -- and I've heard from many/most, that making sure crashes are known/reported is important.
Depends on: 965256
From my POV as the project manager on stability:

(In reply to Stephen Donner [:stephend] from comment #0)
> We'll need to make sure that any and all submitted crashes are:
> * wanted


> * easily distinguished from "real" -- i.e. non-Marionette-driven crashes

The easiest way to this I see is the update channel on the build being switched to include a suffix indicating the "source", so that we see e.g. "nightly-test-perf" or "beta-test-endurance" in the channel sent by crash reporter (I just came up with the idea right now to have them all have "test" in there, which is not a requirement but could be helpful when searching for those).
On desktop, IIRC, we have to edit channel-pref.js for switching the channel, not sure how we can do it for Android and B2G.
This bug depends on bug 974649 which is about auto-submission of crash reports. Any discussion for its implementation we should move over there.
Depends on: 974649
Ted: would you be able to confirm that comment 2, bug 974649 would address both B2G and desktop builds?  Are they using the same toolkit pref/codepath?
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B2G builds and desktop builds use different codepaths for crash submission, so this would need to be fixed in both places.
Flags: needinfo?(ted)
Let's get crash handling working on gaia-ui-tests on device.  To do this, we'll need to modify the Jenkins jobs that downloads build artifacts to also download the symbols file.  Then we can invoke gaia-ui-test with an extra argument, --symbols-path, which _should_ make it automatically process crashes and print their stacks to stdout.
If you're using mozcrash you can simply pass a URL in --symbols-path and mozcrash will download the symbols on-demand when it needs to process a crash.
To crash B2G on demand, use adb shell kill -6 /system/b2g/b2g
No longer depends on: 1033975
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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