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Regression: No video playback (MP4); Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4.2) (I420ColorConverter)


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firefox26 --- unaffected
firefox27 --- unaffected
firefox28 + verified
firefox29 + fixed
fennec 29+ ---


(Reporter: aaronmt, Assigned: eflores)




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See attached log-cat for OMX related output.

Of particular interest maybe?

E/OMX-VDEC-1080P(  209): omx_vdec::component_init(): Start of New Playback : role  = : DEVICE = /dev/msm_vidc_dec

E/OMX-VDEC-1080P(  209): omx_vdec::component_init(): Open returned fd 39, errno 2

Playing the video will yield no video playback, however audio will work.

On Firefox 26/27/28 video playback works.

This is reproducible on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4.2) with Nightly (01/24)

Last good revision: 0d11fce4f845 (2013-12-16)
First bad revision: b1e5ade62913 (2013-12-17)
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We don't have an SGS4 here in the Auckland office. Could you try this build?
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With the build above, I continue to not see any video playback on my device with the video from comment #0
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The bug here is with Qualcomm's OMXCodec implementation that hadn't previously surfaced because the hardware decoder was returning a colour format we didn't support at the time.

When we pass the kClientNeedsFramebuffer flag (needed by Samsung and others) to OMXCodec, internally it sets a flag called |mThumbnailMode|. Somebody at qcom (presumably) decided it would be efficient to handle this flag in their OMXCodec implementation by returning a single video frame and then return EOS on subsequent |read()| calls.

This patch just makes sure we don't pass the flag into Qualcomm decoders.
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Closed: 10 years ago
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Regression caused by (bug #): bug 866080
User impact if declined: H264 video doesn't work on "Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2" (
Testing completed (on m-c, etc.): Has been in ff29 since 2014-01-31.
Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): Video continuing to not work on some devices.
String or IDL/UUID changes made by this patch:
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Mind posting a build for me to test with the patch applied on 28?
(In reply to Aaron Train [:aaronmt] from comment #11)
> Mind posting a build for me to test with the patch applied on 28?
(In reply to Edwin Flores [:eflores] [:edwin] from comment #12)
> (In reply to Aaron Train [:aaronmt] from comment #11)
> > Mind posting a build for me to test with the patch applied on 28?

Confirmed working on my devices. I still have no idea why when I was testing Aurora 28.0a2 at the time and yesterday again it was not working, oh well.

Lukas, I think we should get this out in a point release.
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Thanks for the detective work here, I'll get a proposed schedule out tomorrow morning to deal with this in a fennec only dot release.
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Let's get this landed in preparation
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I'm still seeing this issue - no video playback when playing the video from comment#0 - on Firefox 28.0.1 and Nightly 31.0a1 (2014-04-24) on several devices:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (4.2.2)
Samsung Galaxy Tab (4.0.4)
Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.3) 
Samsung Galaxy Note (4.0.4)
Motorola RAZR XT910 (4.0.4)
ZTE x86 (4.0.4)

I'll attach a log capture from Galaxy Tab 2 playing   

Also I've tested the files from and all of them were played correctly on all devices mentioned above.
Attached file logTab2
I believe that the aforementioned in comment #18 is a seperate issue and not nothing new in regard to video playback on that particular Apple video. In particular, this bug is focused on Qualcomm chipsets.

As in this case, I do not see any frames at all. I see the scrubber and time marker work which wasn't in the case in this particular bug report. Can you please file a new bug? I am able to reproduce an issue with that particular video on my Samsung Galaxy Note II (Android 4.1.2), on all channels including Firefox 27.

As for this bug in particular, I can verify the mozilla-release candidate is working.
I filed bug 987223.
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