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UX work - Tab bar redesign


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Windows 8


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In v2, one top priority is to offer a powerful tab bar that supports switching and managing tabs easier and more intuitive. 

There is an ongoing redesign for tabs on Android tablet. Metro will be influenced as well based on what we learn from concepts testing. 

This bug is created to track the progress of tab bar explorations on metro. It will take at least 2 sprints(20 business days) to finalized.
Whiteboard: [ux]
Some things we should consider:
* Rearrange tabs by drag and drop
* show favicon on tab thumbnail - this is great for webmail clients that show how many unread email you have on the favicon
* pin tabs to tabs bar - with the big thumbnails you can't fit many tabs, having quick access to some tabs would be handy
* Close tabs by swiping them up (or down), as karen sugested
More possibilities to consider:

* Creating and displaying private tabs (see also bug 963678)
* Undo "Close tab" action
* Grouping of tabs opened from the same "parent" tab or app.
* Displaying tabs synced from other devices?  (We currently have code to show these on the Metro Firefox start page, but on Android they appear in the tab drawer.)
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Mass close of bugs in obsolete product
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