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B2G NFC: using dictionary for MozNDEFRecord.


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This is mentioned by Jonas during last NFC API review.

after Bug 964186 and Bug 960510 are landed, we should see if we can make MozNDEFRecord is a dictionaty object, not an interface.

If we use interface
    writeNDEF([new MozNdefRecord(0x01, myTypeArray, myIdArray, payload), new MozNdefRecord(0x03, null, myIdArray, payload)]);

 If we use Dictionary
    writeNDEF([{ tnf: 0x01, type: myTypeArray, id: myIdArray, payload: payload }, { tnf: 0x03, id: myIdArray, payload: payload }]);
    writeNDEF([{ tnf: 0x01, payload: payload }, { tnf: 0x03, payload: payload2 }]);
This isn't a critical issue though. Just made the API somewhat easier to use. Happy to defer this to later.
There's NFC system messages that are sending the original Uint8Arrays still (and partly because the MozNDEFRecord interface object doesn't seem to transfer between NFC Manager and Apps).

The reason to keep interfaces however is that NFCPeer.sendNDEF and NFCTag.writeNDEF are currently strongly typed via WebIDL, and can come from web content.
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In Bug 1007724 we will do validation on NDEFRecord, and Bug 1053732 will allow initializing by dictionary, this should fit what Jonas suggested in the first place, so I close this as WONTFIX.
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