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Save as "Web Page, complete", when a secondary file (image/ad) is not accessible → "failed" download w/o explanation


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The underlying problem is exactly bug 313683.

1. Open a page that includes/references a non-existent file.
2. Save As — Web Page, complete.

The page is saved.  The image is, of course, not saved, as it does not exist.

Actual results:

Downloads Panel shows the download as "Failed", the downloaded page cannot be opened from there.  That's 
all Firefox tells me.

Expected results:

I have blocked some domain names in my DNS client, so some pages cannot be saved fully, but I do not consider that a failure to save them.

Since Firefox does not know why the resource cannot be fetched, it cannot claim success; but what it says now is not enough, it left me guessing.  The failure is partial, and the file Firefox would have opened directly if I could click the "Open" icon did download.

Accompanying bugs:
When testing this, sometimes the first attempt creates two entries in the Downloads Panel.  With the local file, both were Failed.  At (with resolution blocked), the top entry is hung in progress (the (X) button does nothing), while the bottom entry is Failed (clicking the Retry button made it appear successful, but with a size of over 17*10^9 GB).
Blocks: 115634
Crititcal dataloss. Goog thing S3.Download Statusbar shows the failures.

This bug just happened to me on Windows 7, failing to save

God knows how many pages failed to save over the year. Firefox is currently worse than Chrome and IE (at least they show failures by default.)
(In reply to Cees T. from comment #1)
Is it really the same problem?

In my report, Firefox says the download failed, so the page is not lost.

In your example, the download stays in progress, so when I close Firefox, I have to "stop" the download, and the main page (but not the directory with files) is not saved.
The download icon turns green, so i assume it's downloaded. However, when i open the downloads bubble, it says "Failed." in small grey letters.

The MAF addon saved it perfectly, though. :)
(In reply to Cees T. from comment #3)
> The download icon turns green, so i assume it's downloaded. However, when i
> open the downloads bubble, it says "Failed." in small grey letters.
> The MAF addon saved it perfectly, though. :)

That's for the URL i gave, not the testcase, which gets downloaded correctly using the normal Firefox save. (I think. MAF should stay in its own context menu.)

Reproducing my comments from bug #1343466

This bug just caused me to lose a SUBSTANTIAL amount of data which I cannot get back.

I had just saved a number of pages which I only had limited time access to. They appeared in the "failed" state as described here, but I didn't give it any thought because I thought this was just a visual bug. The HTML files were still being saved into my downloads directory as expected, even though they appeared as "failed", so I continued saving the pages.

However, after clearing my downloads pane, Firefox erased all the HTML files.

This was quite an unexpected behaviour for me and I am now no longer able to access those pages. The data is gone forever.

Please, at the very least, change this behaviour of deleting the partially downloaded files when the downloads pane is cleared in the case of a partially failed page save. I'm not too concerned about the erroneous appearance of a yellow dot, but this possibility for data loss IMO makes this bug much more serious.

Same erasing of (correctly) downloaded files is present for Android builds :(
See bug #1392768

It seems like the data loss issue at least on desktop has been fixed. I just tried to save a page with blocked content, and after clearing the failed notification from the downloads page, Firefox did NOT delete the files like it did before.

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