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Re-allocate tegras that were on decommissioned foopy118


(Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard :: CIDuty, task)

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We'll want to re-allocate the tegras that were on foopy118, this is because foopy118 seems to have a bad logic board, and is out of warranty.

Unsure yet if we want to slot in a "new" [alt existing machine] foopy to replace it, or just spread out the tegra load. I'm leaning toward spread out tegra load.

For reference tegras on the foopy:
$ find build-tools/ -name "devices.json" -exec grep -B3 "foopy118" {} \; | grep "tegra"
    "tegra-118": {
    "tegra-119": {
    "tegra-120": {
    "tegra-121": {
    "tegra-145": {
    "tegra-148": {
    "tegra-149": {
    "tegra-150": {
    "tegra-151": {
    "tegra-152": {
    "tegra-154": {
    "tegra-155": {
    "tegra-157": {
No longer depends on: 971412
Found this today while trying to resurrect tegras.

Callek: are you still planning to return to this, or should buildduty handle it? 

It seems like buildduty could handle setting up a few tegras a day on new foopys. We could sure use the extra 13 devices back in circulation.
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I'll handle it this evening....
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Just adding the deps to clear the buildduty queue a bit. Thanks for jumping on it.
[ builds]# mkdir tegra-{118,119,120,121,145,148}
[ builds]# chown -R cltbld.cltbld tegra-{118,119,120,121,145,148}

[ builds]# mkdir tegra-{149,150,151,152,154,155,157}
[ builds]# chown -R cltbld.cltbld tegra-{149,150,151,152,154,155,157}


And checked in (and deployed) the tools change:
Closed: 10 years ago
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Component: Platform Support → Buildduty
Product: Release Engineering → Infrastructure & Operations
Product: Infrastructure & Operations → Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard
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