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[Meta] Doorhangers: don't auto focus, include in f6 key order


(Toolkit :: XUL Widgets, defect)

Windows 8.1
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(Reporter: Jamie, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: access, meta)

(Spun off bug 653230 comment 23.)
Aside from bug 653226, there are two remaining keyboard issues with doorhanger notifications:
1. They often take focus when they appear. They shouldn't interrupt the user unless the user explicitly chooses to interact with them. (See bug 653230 comment 6.) Apparently, this can be fixed by setting noautofocus="true" on the panel (bug 653230 comment 16), but bug 653230 comment 0 makes me wonder whether that is broken somehow.
2. You can't get to them with f6 or shift+f6. If I understand correctly, this was supposed to be fixed by the patch committed for bug 653230, but it doesn't seem to work for me with a "update saved password" doorhanger.

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Keywords: access
This is a frustration for our keyboard users. Let's fix this once and for all. Neil do you know who would be best to own it?
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First, some clearer steps that show what bugs you think there are.

noautofocus works as it should, and F6 also allows navigation to panels. I don't think there's any issue regarding these in general. There may be issues with specific panels though, which should be filed as bugs with a clear indication of what the problem is.
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Very reasonable. Marco and Jamie are best positioned to help with that. (I think currently the details are spread across older bugs)
Depends on: 990039
Depends on: 653226
Keywords: meta
Summary: Doorhangers: don't auto focus, include in f6 key order → [Meta] Doorhangers: don't auto focus, include in f6 key order
Turned this into a meta bug to collect separate issues. I also included bug 653226 here because these are often used in doorhangers and pose an additional keyboard problem.
Alias: doorhangersa11y
Depends on: 990045
As per Gijs's request, NI'ing him on doorhanger-keyboard-accessibility-related bugs.
And this is our attempt at a meta bug. However since every doorhanger seems to behave differently, it is hard to find common patterns, fix-once-for-all scenarios. Curious what you'll make of these, Gijs!
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As this is a metabug, I'm clearing this particular one. I've prodded bug 990045 and I hope that if we can move along there, we can get to the bottom of most of these.
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Depends on: 962007
For reference, the f6 key order issue is being discussed starting at bug 990045 comment 12.
Depends on: 1491744
Depends on: 1487065
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