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Support friendly names for xpcshell tests run in chunks


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It looks like Android 2.3 Opt will run xpcshell tests in 3 chunks. These are currently running on Ash, where the chunks are displayed as "X X X". 

I would prefer to see "X(1 2 3)", or perhaps "X1 X2 X3".*2.3.*

Possibly relevant:
If nobody else takes it, I'll do it. Otherwise, it should just need xpcshell added to this regex:
Actually yeah, grouping problem does make more sense. It's a bit more involved, but still doable. Taking.
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Depends on: 978686
Blocks: 967704
fwiw, ash' Android 2.3 Opt shows X1, X2, and X3 now -- a great improvement. Sometimes they are out of order: X3 X2 X1, X2 X1 X3, etc.
(In reply to Geoff Brown [:gbrown] from comment #3)
> Sometimes they are out of order: X3 X2 X1, X2 X1 X3, etc.

Yeah that's sadly expected at this point. Bug 978686 meant that multi-part jobs don't need to be hardcoded from a numbering point of view, however the grouping still needs to be. As such, they are still classified as ungrouped jobs (ie: ones outside a set of parenthesis) and so are displayed in alphabetical order of job base name (eg 'xpcshell'), and then by job start time.

To get the ordering fixed we need to either make them a grouped job (although since these aren't chunked on every platform, we'd end up with some platforms having only one job in the parenthesis - though we could maybe fake two types of xpcshell - eg internally in TBPL have xpcshell and xpcshell-chunked and work around that way), or else re-work the non-grouped job sorting algorithm (the recent sorting re-work only touched the grouped jobs).
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No longer blocks: 967704
Kind of wondering how much we really care about this bug for TBPL at this point. For Treeherder, I have bigger ideas for how we handle chunking in the UI.
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TBPL has been EOLed (bug 1054977).
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