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no progress bar when searching from about:start using the URL text field


(Firefox for Metro Graveyard :: Shell, defect, P1)

Windows 8.1


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Currently, when you're searching for something under the about:start window, there's no progress bar while the website is loading giving no feedback to the end user. Because we take a few seconds to complete this search, it's very unintuitive in my opinion. There's been a few times were I thought my "enter" didn't register with the browser, or the window has stalled some how. I think we should either:

a) speed up the URL text field search
b) add some type of indication that fxmetro is doing something when a user is searching via the URL text field

(I personally like (a) better but I'm not sure if that's feasible)

Looks like work from Bug #934714 removed progress bar under the about:start window.

Video of the issue:

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open fxmetro
2) Under the about:start screen, type something into the search field and hit "Enter"
3) You'll notice that there's no progress bar being displayed when loading the search is in progress
Current Behavior:

- Searching through the URL text field under the navigation app bar is taking longer than expected

Expected Behavior:

- Once I hit "Enter", fxmetro should give the user some feedback that the search is in progress. Should probably take a lot quicker than it currently is.

Found the issue using the following build:
Blocks: metrobacklog
No longer blocks: metrov1backlog
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This was made worse by bug 969356. We can't use [startpage] attribute for hiding progress bar anymore. When then search engine response is slow it really seems like nothing is happening.
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Mass close of bugs in obsolete product
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