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mac minis for new puppet version


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Can I borrow a Mountain Lion mac mini and a Mavericks mini to test newer versions of Puppet (bug 956872)?
Sorry for the delay. I thought we would need to clean a machine and get vpn access and I was pulled away with other work. In hindsight, that seems silly since this is for you, Dustin :)

Since this is Dustin's EOD, I will not disable anything from production. I will disable a mntlion machine tonight so he can work on it before I wake tomorrow.

As for the Mavericks, it looks like we only have 2 imaged and available. I'll get him one of those tomorrow when we are both on-line.
No longer blocks: 956872
Here is the Mtn lion machine (I disabled it):

I will be online at 9am PT and will grab you a mavericks as soon as you request. Have a good night :)
Blocks: 946872
OK - I'm done with the ML host and it's reimaged.  Let me know when you have a mavericks host ready.
Here's the mavericks host: t-mavericks-r5-002
The mavericks host is re-imaging now and should be ready to go back into production in an hour or so.
talos-mtnlion-r5-001 and t-mavericks-r5-002 are back in production and taking jobs.

resolving this bug. Thanks for re-imaging.
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