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[hsb] Firefox release tracker Upper Sorbian


(Mozilla Localizations :: hsb / Upper Sorbian, defect)

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This is a tracker bug for releasing Firefox hsb.

Your team's dashboard should be up on The dashboard displays your project's status and helps you (and us) determine what's left to do. Follow it closely to track your Firefox localization progress. You will see this bug listed as part of your dashboard. This helps us to track your project's progress and provide visibilty to your work.

The "bugs" here are tracking individual items of work. Some of those will depend on the localization team driving them to completion, while others are for infrastructure that will be handled by Mozilla staff. I'll indicate who is responsible in each bug.

We'll also be using two terms for interacting with version control. That's commonly mercurial, or hg, in short. "commit" is used when talking about the actual 'hg commit' command, adding changes to the local version history. "landing" means to commit something and to use 'hg push' to push it from your local version history to the one on, mozilla's server. That's when your changes are public, and make it into the builds mozilla generates, and puts on ftp.

If you're unsure what any of the terminology means, feel free to ask. Good places are or #l10n. Ask in public, you shouldn't assume that you're the only one with the question.
Depends on: 985438
Depends on: 985440
Depends on: 985441
Depends on: 985442
Depends on: 985443
Depends on: 985446
Depends on: 985447
Depends on: 985448
Depends on: 985450
Depends on: 985452
Thank you for the information.
Component: Other → hsb / Upper Sorbian
I've kicked off, now that there's data to show.

For now it shows the newest bugs, and highlights from the web dashboard. As soon as we have repos and builds, it'll show the status of those, too.
Closing out, since this has now been released for a number of months. Congratulations! Reach out to your local reps to celebrate!
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