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[B2G] [RIL] consider to set default value of 'supportedNetworkTypes' as 'wcdma/gsm'


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: RIL, defect)

Not set


(blocking-b2g:1.4+, firefox29 wontfix, firefox30 fixed, firefox31 fixed, b2g-v1.4 fixed, b2g-v2.0 fixed)

1.4 S5 (11apr)
blocking-b2g 1.4+
Tracking Status
firefox29 --- wontfix
firefox30 --- fixed
firefox31 --- fixed
b2g-v1.4 --- fixed
b2g-v2.0 --- fixed


(Reporter: hsinyi, Assigned: edgar)




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We now use World phone as the default value of supportedNetworkTypes. According to the fact the number of wcdma/gsm phones is larger than world phones, maybe we should use 'wcdma/gsm' instead.
Assignee: nobody → echen
Before we change the default value, emulator needs to be configured with correct value first, otherwise the test case will fail.
Blocks: 990445
No longer blocks: 990445
Depends on: 990445
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Patch, v1

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Thank you!
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Blocks: 988979
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.4?
Depends on: 985537
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Hi Hsinyi,

In this new version, I modify the test case to make it more robust.
1). Get system property configuration by "runEmulatorShell" which was introduced in bug 985537. (The default value will be the same as the one defined in ril_consts.js)
2). Running the tests based on the configuration.

Thank you
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Patch, v2

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::: dom/mobileconnection/tests/marionette/test_mobile_preferred_network_type.js
@@ +70,2 @@
> +  getSupportedNetworkTypesFromSystemProperties(0, function(testData) {

Truly nice! Thank you :)
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blocking-b2g: 1.4? → 1.4+
For 1.4 branch, we need uplift bug 985537 first.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 1.4 S5 (11apr)
Depends on: 993066
No longer depends on: 993066
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