Android clobber clobbers things such that ant can't be found



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(Reporter: KWierso, Assigned: glandium)


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[18:05]	<KWierso>	aki: odd that I'm not seeing it on inbound
	<philor>	there were some yesterday
	<philor>	the really fun part is, it did an android build fine at 13:39
[18:06]	some slaves fail would make way more sense than some slaves fail when they happen to feel like failing
[18:08]	<KWierso>	philor: so I don't need to hold those two trees closed for this?
[18:09]	<philor>	KWierso: nope, though at some point someone's certainly going to have to file it
[18:15]	<nthomas>	I have no idea why bld-linux64-spot-406 would do that. We reset the mock env each time, we run tooltool each time, should be the same
	2nd one wasn't a clobber
[18:17]	<glandium>	nthomas: could be a PATH problem
	<philor>	extreme fun possibility: "if you build in ___, we clobber the path, or at least clobber ANT_HOME"
	not that we're obviously using ANT_HOME, though we're setting it in the mozconfig
[18:18]	<glandium>	i have no idea how callek ensured ANT_HOME was in the PATH
	<nthomas>	so first one was a clobber, ended up green. 2nd wasn't, failed to find ant
[18:19]	'Android 2.2 fx-team build' on e9d9bfa0befd and 88239f234f09 respectively
	<KWierso> and were both "auto clobber"
	<glandium>	i see nowhere in the tree that uses ANT_HOME besides setting it
	so however "ant" is supposed to resolve to the right path is not in the tree
	ah, two lines below
[18:20]	mk_add_options "export PATH=$topsrcdir/gcc/bin:$topsrcdir/apache-ant/bin:$PATH"
	<KWierso> and an ix slave for good measure
	<philor>	"( echo 'export ANT_HOME=/builds/slave/fx-team-and-000000000000000000/build/apache-ant'; echo 'export PATH=/builds/slave/fx-team-and-000000000000000000/build/gcc/bin:/builds/slave/fx-team-and-000000000000000000/build/apache-ant/bin:/opt/local/bin:/tools/python/bin:/tools/buildbot/bin:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/home/'; ) > obj-firefox/"
[18:21]	* philor	sniffs
	<philor>	is that... risky behavior I smell?
	<glandium>	so, fwiw, i've had a build failure in the past that involved something similar, where whatever tooltool was supposed to have extracted wasn't there
	* nthomas	goes to look on bld-linux64-spot-406
	<aki>	sounds like you have it in hand, great
	<glandium>	philor: i don't see what's risky there
[18:22]	<philor>	glandium: six lines later, Automatically clobbering /builds/slave/fx-team-and-000000000000000000/build/obj-firefox
	<glandium>	aaaah
	<nthomas>	/builds/slave/fx-team-and-000000000000000000/apache-ant exists, in a dir which didn't do anything since
[18:23]	<glandium>	philor: that would explain it


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Ensure is created after clobbering

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