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This is the meta bug of building automation test framework for RTSP feature.
To improve quality and stability of RTSP feature, it's necessary to build automated tests that run on TBPL.

In order to make it come true, we need to resolve several issues, which are listed below as our initial plans.
1. Make RTSP streaming work on the emulator.
2. Build an RTSP server on the emulator.
3. Choose test framework and write test cases.
Assignee: nobody → ettseng
Summary: [META][RTSP] Build automation test for RTSP feature → [META][RTSP] Build automated tests for RTSP feature
(In reply to Ethan Tseng [:ethan] from comment #1)
> 1. Make RTSP streaming work on the emulator.
Currently, RTSP session can be established on the emulator.
But our RTSP client cannot receive RTP packets (carry media stream) due to two issues.
1.1 Our RTSP client tries to receive RTP packets over UDP. But UDP packets cannot be forwarded by the emulator.
1.2 If RTP over UDP is not received, our RTSP client should try "TCP-interleaved RTP mechanism", which is not supported yet (bug 996765 was filed for this feature).

We can fix either 1.1 or 1.2 to make the client receive RTP packets.
Since TCP-interleaved RTP shall be supported in the long run, I will try solution 1.2 by fixing bug 996765 first.
Depends on: 996765
blocking-b2g: --- → backlog
Depends on: 1002884
Depends on: 1003711
add to rtsp meta bug for tracking
Blocks: b2g-RTSP-2.0
Once we build up a streaming server (DSS) on the emulator, our RTSP client could connect to the server though the emulator's own loopback interface. This means we can deliver RTP over UDP.
So, bug 996765 should not block this.
No longer depends on: 996765
Depends on: 1011414
No longer depends on: 1003711, 1002884
Depends on: 1003711
Depends on: 1032111
There are many obstacles to build an automated test on try server.
1. If RTSP server is run in emulator, it would be too slow.
   It's also not easy to have a RTSP server specific for try server testing, we'll have to ask the
   A-team for help.
2. The OOP problem in bug 1032111.

Ethan and I agree that we should aim on building an automation test which we can run locally. Then we can avoid the OOP problem, and we can use our own RTSP server.
Blocks: 1138262
But we'll keep trying the original way (running RTSP server on device) unless it's proven infeasible.
1. We choose marionette over mochitest because we need to exeucute shell commands to start or stop
   the Darwin Stream Server in the emulator.
2. We have to run the Darwin Stream Server in the emulator because tje emulator cannot forward
   UDP packets.
blocking-b2g: backlog → ---
No one is actually working on RTSP for FxOS right now.
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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