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[cy] Firefox 3 release tracker Welsh


(Mozilla Localizations :: cy / Welsh, defect)

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This is a tracker bug for releasing Firefox 3 cy.

This bug is not that detailed, but as we get particular work items, they should
block this bug for tracking, and better discoverability.
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Depends on: 454174
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Component: Other → cy / Welsh
QA Contact:
Ok, I have landed Welsh both on CVS and Hg.

I did some edits on the initial commit to cvs that can be followed in the hg
commits, Please use both as
the basis for the ongoing work.

On cvs, we will work towards fx 3.0.x, and on hg work will go on towards fx
3.1. Your locale is currently only built for firefox 3.0.x.

Build feedback will appear on and on, testing builds should show up on
over the next few hours.

From now on, the content on hg and cvs are disconnected, that is, you should
make conscious decisions on which changes to land where. In particular, it's
probably a good idea to land the patches that we work on towards fx3.0.x in
terms of search et al on hg, too.

On cvs, I already see the windows builds failing, the variables in the installer properties files got changed from fx2 to fx3, please revisit those files again in browser/installer.
Hi Dewi,

As you may know, code freeze for the release of Firefox 3.0.4 is tomorrow (October 24, 2008).  We would like to include cy as a beta version in this minor update.  Part of this process is getting a confirmation that you would like to do this.  Can you please respond to this bug that you would like to opt-in for this release?  We just want to confirm that you are OK with this decision.

We are still going to work on completing the search plugins bug that remains open (bug 454174).  Stas will work with you to do this, but in the meantime we will ship cy with limited set of the search plugins.

Congratulations on all the hard work!  We are excited to move you into beta for this release.

Best regards,

Yes, please include cy as a beta! 

My colleagues Rhoslyn Prys and David Chan will be better able than me at the moment in getting to you anything further you need for a successful and complete Welsh Firefox 3.0.4. 

Many thanks for your help in moving this forward!
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Depends on: 470764
Depends on: 464119
Resolved as FIXED, thanks.

Good that we'll open up for Firefox 4 soon, too. Please be sure to look at the announcements in the newsgroup these days.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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