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mozilla1.0 party!


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we need preparation as well as a good place to have the biggest & coolest party 

suggestions welcome ....
Hardware: PC → All
Let's have it in my back yard... then I wouldn't have to fly to California ;)
I can't think of a more appropriate place to have this party than in boston --
the, umm, birthplace of mozilla.
Whiteboard: kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted
I think we should mark this as blocking bug 103705, since you can't release a 
major product without having a party.  Nobody should complain.
Blocks: 103705
Severity: normal → critical
Wrong way round - you can't have the party without releasing 1.0 :-)

No longer blocks: 103705
Depends on: 103705
I also think that Boston is the _obvious_ choice for this party.... :)
Wherever the party will be, I hope to have at least the budget to fly and be
there !!! We are 3 here in Paris.
creating a distributed party sounds just fair.

nagging tristan, 'cause I haven't done that for a while ;-)
The most obvious place to have this party is in Iowa.  I mean, think about 
it....  Right in the middle of the United States, so people on the East and 
West coasts split the difference....  Relatively few problems with overcrowding 
and traffic....  All the sweet corn you can eat....

(Oh, and the fact that I couldn't afford to go to California unless I happen to 
get an internship, wink wink, nudge nudge, also is a factor....)
nom'ing for 1.0
Keywords: mozilla1.0
Distributed party sounds good. can ship a carton on alcohol to my
Hmmm maybe this bug can fix bug 95849 as well. :) Heres hoping :)
Assignee: asa → nobody
There may be more Bostonian support for Mozilla than elsewhere on the east
coast... I say Boston should be a site for one of many simultaneous parties. 
Here's my idea:  webcast a handful of simultaneous parties worldwide and do one
of those Guiness-style toasts.  We won't break any records (unless it's free
beer) but it'll be fun and a good marketing gimmick.
If it's distributed, we should have Toronto as one of the places. Mainly because
it can handle this sort of thing, and because it's the coolest city in Canada.

Hell... Just have it here in Canada. Some of us younger guys would appreciate
that, since our minimum age is 19, not 21.
How about Europa/Austria?! :))
I can't believe people actually VOTED for this bug... :-)
Component: Browser-General → Miscellaneous
Product: Browser →
I liked having a vote for this, thank you very much. :D
Shouldn't you call this mozilla dot party four dot oh?
Whiteboard: kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted → kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted, djwanted
The Moz 1.0 party should definitely be in Chapel Hill, NC.  Because, uh, ummm.
well, uh... that is, I uhhh, ahhh.. um... er, I mean....

well, just /because/ dangit!
How about one of _the_ party places - London?
Also San Diego is a very nice place too :)
On a slightly more serious note, can someone arrange to give the Lizard some
sunglasses starting on 1.0 day?

We need to juice up the banner for the party, no question.
I definately like Boston since that is close to me. I also like the distributed
idea. Is there any way we can get a good idea of the concentration of Mozilla
people in different areas? I thought possibly a site could go up called that Mozilla people can add themselves to. Then on a map of
the world the concentration of Mozilla people could be colored in. They can
click their location on the map if its not one of the choices.
You're looking for something like this?
I like those sunglasses -- now who would we contact for an r= and sr= to get it
checked into the CVS for 1.0 day? ;-)
We'd probably want to commission a special photo as well, of the red Lizard
busting out of Building 25 in Mountain View... while the Janitor looks on in
horror and Asa holds up a set of keys...
Where is Mozilla maintained, and where is it created? -- on the world wide web.

So the only sane party location would be #mozilla at your favorite hangout, yes,!
And here I thought every day was a party on #mozilla!
But seriously, wherever the real celebration happens there should be some irc
terminals set up so that virtual attendence is possible.  (And maybe that should
be done using OEone appliances! :)
Let's keep it all-virtual to anyone can join.

Just imagine, rginda's "faces" skin applied to chatzilla (so you can see who you
are chatting with) and then just a big celebration in #mozilla, we're gonna
party like it's 1.0!
I'm so not going to get virtually drunk. Pffft. Period.
people, I do prefer real drinks with real people, sorry to say...
cool thing :D
should add keywords evenglism and girlswanted as it could help resolve bug 95849
when triaging post 1.0 bugs
Whiteboard: kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted, djwanted → kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted, djwanted, girlswanted
oh please
no minors!
Whiteboard: kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted, djwanted, girlswanted → kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted, djwanted
Just a thought - while the celebrations are going on - is there a place you can
pick up a 468x60 banner for a website or a .png for a cd-rom cover so we can
proclaim the newcomer to the world??
Why don't we all just log onto #mozillazine on chatzilla, use mozilla1.0, and
enjoy your various beverages.
Ricky: You might be able to book a live band for your living room, but most of
the rest of us can't. :D

Yes, I forgot about the band. Who do we want?
Well, as a tip of the hat to my country's GOLD WINNING HOCKEY TEAMS (Go Canada
Go), how about The Tragically Hip?
Paul Oakenfold....nuff said :)
Who? :)
Whiteboard: kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted, djwanted → kw: nsJunkFood, beerwanted, djwanted, designatedDriverWanted
I don't want to piss off, but may I suggest a target
milestone of 1.0 for this?
Woo-hoo!!! A bug I can actually do something about!!! I've been a fanatical Moz
user since April 2000, and so far, my help has been limited to evangelizing and
sending in talkback crash info. BUT, it just so happens that in my day job, I
often find myself planning parties! Go figure! So if there really is going to be
 an official 1.0 launch party, I hereby vigorously volunteer my services! Hey,
if nothing else, I just want a chance to personally thank y'all for all your
hard work.
Well, now it's really time do think about some concrete plans on where to have 
some great parties in europe/usa/... 
Hey my living room is still open...har
Hey, I'm voting for Europe/Austria! :> The cheapest beer here in Vienna is in
the Paddy O'Brians, a nice irish pub. :)
You are welcome to have your party at DNA Lounge if you cover our staff costs,
and if it's on a night when we're not already booked.

(Of course, Mozilla won't be installed on our kiosks unless you manage to get
bug 134583 fixed first...)
We need a Moz 1.0 party .au!

How could those of us down under miss out? :)

Mozilla - the official browsing software of #Ausrail
Ok guys, I hope you don't mind me commenting here. 

You really deserve to party because your product ROCKS !!

Thanks from an end user.
@#47: Yea, right :-)
<-- another vote for Paddy's/Vienna, AT
(Ded, it's your turn to vote!)

I put together a mozilla 1.0.0 quick-party-page-hack. If you have a party
planned, in real life on IRC or anywhere, you can make it public on this page:

(Notice the mozilla sunglasses, as suggested here ;-) It's pretty straight
forward - nothing big, but it's there and you can see where the real mozilla
partys are goin' on.

Register your moz 1.0.0 party today! ;-P
Feedback is welcome.

Adding Correct Milestone. I like the app btw we really need to start getting our
acts together on this (as for the cities where it will occur etc.)
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.0
It seems we'll really do a party in Austria, I'm the fourth to apply, as it looks...
I would like to note that there BETTER be a party in Mountain View. I didn't
move back to CA just to have to fly to Boston or freaking Iowa for a Moz 1.0 party.
I'm for Vienna/Austria as well. It's a beautiful town with nice people, an
interesting night-life and easy to reach from anywhere.
yeah, vienna is a great suggestion...  i'm coming... (or i will try to, as i
don't know the date i can't promise...)
Added a Spain party to #52 url, anyway a virtual party is a must too
I can _try_ to set something up for Toronto, but all bets are off if I can't
find someone who has actual organizational skills. Anyone in Ontario, come on
and help me out.
I think Chicago is a great place to have it. Central to the US. Big. Maxim has
declared Chicago best city in the world. And it's not too far from
Champaign-Urbana where Mosaic (Mozilla's grandfather) was born. And best of all,
I'll be able to attend. ;-)
Paul: Maxim did the same for Toronto, New York, and several other cities, using
localized magazine issues. If you want to find a true declaration of the best
city on Earth, get a travel guide, not a men's magazine. :)

Though yeah, Chicago is pretty central. But still too rich for my tastes, I
don't want to have to find a hotel room just to be able to party!
This bug will be fixed on 12 Jun 2002 at DNA Lounge:
More details to come as they materialize.
It is my opinion that this 2002 event should be called 
"mozilla dot party, five dot oh."  This is because the
1998 party was 1.0, 1999 was 2.0, and 2000 was 3.0.

Proposed FAQ entry:

  Q: Five dot oh?  What happened to four dot oh?
  A: Party four dot oh celebrated the release of
     Netscape Communicator 5.0.

  Q: But there wasn't a...
  A: You catch on quick!
My only concern with this is that I, and probably quite a few others interested,
won't be able to make it considering work, funds, etc.
We really need a party in London (or somewhere in the southeast) for this.

(Gerv, me ... who else?)
There is no way to make this party accessible to everyone in the world. Thus,
there should be, and will be, multiple parties (duh). Of course there should be,
and thanks to JWZ will be, a party near Mountain View where most of the people
who work on Mozilla are located. 

Maybe we can unify the various and sundry parties with Webcasts or something
similar? Being part of the Amiga community (check out for more info) we do this all the time. When a
conference is in England, for instance, it's Webcast all over the world in
either audio or video formats (or both) so that the whole world can feel a part
of the celebrations.
I understand that... I also know there's nothing that I could actually do about
it. I don't know why I complained, it's something I thought I had already dealt

Never mind me, heh...
David - I am up for a London Party. A few of my mates  are asking if its gonna
hapen as well.
Well, IMO Mozilla Classic died at 5.0. "Mozilla reborn" is finally going 1.0. If
we're going "1.0", we better get rid of the 5.0 stuff altogether if we don't
want people confused as Hell.
This Mozilla is still known as 5.0 however -- Mozilla/5.0 == Mozilla 1.0. Don't
ask me to rationalize this, I can't figure it out myself, heh. :)
I'm in for a London party!
Some needs to rip out that IE logo that was dumped on the lawn and bash it and 
get it on video for the party.
Do I hear pinata? Muahahahaha... >:D

I was very busy last days, and didn't have a look at the mozparty page for a
while... almost 30 ppl whooowhooo. :-) and a rather big party in Vienna.

Well today I got a mail that someones party on: vanished, It was some kind of php-script bug I
introduced... This script-bug would overwrite the 10th party everytime someone
wants to adsd an 11th party.

Please check if your party is still available on:

And re-add your party if it was deleted by accident. I'm very sorry this
happened, but the bug is corrected now.

And yea, 1.0.0 is coming closer :-)

Southeast UK: A few of you haven't joined the list of email addresses on for - hop to it!

(Attracting London geeks to a pub event is mostly a matter of "pub, geeks,
date/time, show up" ...)
imagine the upheaval caused if some one accidentally marked this bug WONTFIX...
For UK, (London & South East) add your name to
Mozilla Party 1.0 for Sydney page up at
We can't let the Californians and New Yorkers have all the fun!  Let's get
together something in Texas as well!

Hoping to get at least 10 or more people interested, and start discussing plans
for ArMozillo 1.0.  Current info is at
We're actually getting together a pretty good sized Satellite-Shindig in
Houston, Texas as well.  We've rented out the St. Arnold Brewery on June 8 from

It's listed on the usual party list
( with details at
(  $10 at the door for
all-you-care-to-drink of 5 excellent beers for the duration of the party. 
Please tell any of your Mozilla-hacking/testing/evangelizing/using buddies in
and around Houston to drop by... if the entry fees at the door don't make back
the cost of renting the facility, I owe them the balance!  :-)
To anyone within a reasonable distance of Toronto:

There are only 3 people signed up for this party on :-(

Please, if you are a Mozilla Developer in the area, then feel free to come. I
know there are more developers in the Great Lakes Region than 2 people (I'm not
in the Great Lakes Region but chose this party over NYC - which is much closer).
No parties in Boston - home of the FSF?


I deleted the double-signups for the partys listed at and made it impossible to add yourself 2 times
(with the same e-mail) to the same party.

So for now there's 56 ppl partying in 15 different parties - with the biggest
party in little Austria - woha. Where are the Germans? ;)

We could need some more Publicity :-), maybe a decent hint on
linking bug #100309, the official party in SF
( and the 'inofficial' ones all over the
world (

Stupid question: I was looking at, and noticed
that none of the parties have dates.

Is everyone partying on June 12th (which just *happens* to be the *middle* of
FINALS WEEK for me... *sigh*), or those parties all when 1.0 is *really*
released, or am I just stupid, and it's on the page, and I didn't see it?

If it's NOT the week of finals, I will definitely go up north or (probably more
likely) down south to the (1.0-Roadtrip || party) in LA; in fact, I live in SLO,
so if those guys need a place to crash, I've got floor space and a couch...
My party (in Toronto) is the first Saturday after the release. A lot of them are
saying either the day that 1.0.0 is released or on the weekend immediately
Stupid question: the second: does anyone know when that will be?

I know... you don't need to give me the lecture on software schedules (I, too,
am a CSC student), but is there a general idea yet?

Is ~June 12th what we should plan for?

I'll stop spamming the bug now... maybe this should be discussed in a newsgroup.
or something... 
Stan: Would you rather have more parties with only a few people going to each or
less parties with more people showing up? Boston is 4 hours from the NYC party
(without hitting rush-hour in Hartford or NYC). That's not that bad.
chris: I noticed there was a party listed in Hamilton. Due to its proximity to
Toronto, why don't you see if would help you organize the
Toronto one as opposed to having two parties so close together?
Sorry for the spam. I should have read all the comments first before replying so
I could have replied all at once.

Anyway, I wouldn't count on June 12, since I don't think that will be the date
of release. It appears its going to be held back a bit longer, but I don't
guarantee that.
Brian: I emailed him before you posted here. As of yet, no replies, but I'm
hoping. I'd rather one party covering the GTA than two within about 100km of
each other.
Yeah, considering Torontozilla was the only party in the Great Lakes region,
putting one halfway between Toronto and Buffalo is not very useful. If there
were going to be a party anywhere else in the Great Lakes Region, I would think
Chicago or Milwaukee would be the best other location. Anything else (including
Detroit or Cleveland) would still be rather close. Its not like there are
millions of people working on the project that we need to have a hundred
thousand parties. Even Boston would make more sense as another party than
Hamilton. Its people's choice where they want their party, but I can't imagine
they want only a few people to show up. I'm looking at a couple parties, like
Tokyo, Japan and Montevideo, Uruguay, and I hope they can find people, but I'm
not sure how many people involved in the project there are from Japan and South
America. :-( I hope there are more than I realize.
Does anyone have access to an Access Grid Node of I2?  I might be able to use a
mobile one at the Ohio Supercomputer Center or a room that is already a node. 
That would rock but probably add responsibilities I don't want.
RE Comment #92:  Yes a Milwaukee or Green Bay, WI party would suit me and my ilk
just fine.  I'll see if I can generate a large enough following to get critical
I'm looking forward to the Danish release party
I'm looking forward to the Danish release party
!  What, no party in Seattle?  Am I going to have to celebrate by myself?

Anyone in Seattle want to meet at the Garage on First Hill?
Party in vienna:
prepare for the big ugly green crocodile :-))
If I was back in my home town of Seattle around that time, I'd love to be
there... :-D  Don't worry, the stink of Redmond still doesn't match the aroma of
Tacoma, and it won't carry west either...
I'd come to a Seattle party.  
Seattle would be a good place since there are probably lots of folks in the NW
who don't have the time/money to drive down to california or over to Ontario. 
But is the Garage adults only?  (I'm 19).  Anyway, I'll make sure the Portland
Linux Users Group hears of the party.  

Here's to three for a Seattle Party
Just added a Party on the page at schnitzer for Jena/Thueringen/Germany ... 
I believe that Mozilla parties should be only in places that stamp for underaged
people. We shouldn't exclude people that are under 21 (or 19 in Ontario, etc
etc) from Mozilla parties.

I imagine Blake would agree.
Shark: The drinking age in Vancouver, BC is 19 (why don't you have the party
there?) ;-)
Re: Seattle

The Garage is indeed 21+.  I moved here when I was 27, so I have no clue as to
18+ joints.  There is Vito's which is also on First Hill and since it is
primarily a restuarant, I beleive it takes under 21.  Decent food and dark,
moody decor.

If anyone has suggestions for the Seattle area, that would be great.  If I don't
hear anything by Friday, May 31st, I'll add the Garage in Seattle to the list of
Satellite parties.
Vienna, oder Wien nur Du tad-tad

Another vote for Vienna, easy for me-- I live here.

I want my SVG, now ;-)

vienna / wien / wean rules!
hehe, ...
cu there @ the big party,
  benjamin =)
Yes. Vienna rulez. see ya @ the wipplinger street ;o)
Man! I've never seen such a bunch of mushmouth posts on a bug in my life. "Why
isn't there a Mozillur party in my town/village/city/island nation? Waah waah waah!"

In case you haven't thought it through, the interection of the set {professional
party planners} and {people interested in Mozillur} is diminishingly small, and
may only include part of jwz's left arm. If anyone is going to arrange a party,
it's gonna be just another geek or freak like yourself, flying by the seat of
their pants. What's stopping YOU from being that pants-flying freak, eh?

Having a party is REAL EASY. Find a bar, or a cafe, or a bowling alley, or a
refridgerator box that you like. Call the owner and tell them you're coming with  
1-50 of your closest friends on $DATE_OF_PARTY. Send out an announcement on this
bug list, or wherever. Bingo bango bongo, there's a Mozillur release party in
your neck of the woods! All your friends will be there, and they'll WORSHIP YOU
LIKE A GOD for being such an excellent promoter. Or NO ONE will be there, and
you'll get to eat all the Mozillur cake your own damn self. EITHER WAY, you win.

The Way of Free Software is seeing a need and FILLING it. Rushing in headlong
and making it happen! That's why Mozillur R0X0Rs, and that's what is worth
I stumbled across this just the other day:

Do we have competing parties? Or just competing organizers? Any driver wanna
take control here :P
Party in Ottawa, Canada now added.  Initiated by OEone, but all are welcome.
The Toronto party is still looking for people, including one who can take the
responsibility of managing it from me.

And in response to comment #111, it's TOGA!! TOGA!! not PARTYYY! :)
Columbus, Ohio update.

Due to a date conflict we will either move the celebration off of 12June (if
that remains the anticipated date) or set the location as Crew Stadium and
include a soccer game, beer, Crewzers (the dance team/cheerleaders), and some
very rude chanting.

Potential attendees can subscribe to a listserv at 

subscribe moz1.0 email


Also, is there a way to modify the party locator listing?
Hey, Folks from Brazil.

There is already a party going on in Belo Horizonte. Let's get there, or start
new parties at your own state.

Vamos valorizar o Codigo Aberto e o Mozilla 1.0!
We just got listed on Slashdot:

So far the server is holding up ...
Woops.  The Crew game on the 12th is away in New England.  

So much for that idea.  I had a campaign worked out and everything.  Back to the

Ben in Columbus, OH
aye aye..  did someone say free beer?
What happened to the votes stuff in this bug ?
Interesting idea, this party!  And to use the bug tracking system is kind of
neat ;-)

-- Blackfeather Tanfur MacRoo
Anyone in Indiana wanna get together? I'm in Indianapolis...
For the Milano (italy) party you can join the discussion on this forum:
Per il party italiano a Milano si discute su questo forum:
Looking forward to a party in Boston, MA... please release on a weekend!!!
I'm sorry, this bug is generating way too much bugspam for my taste.
All right, Seattle has been added to the party list before things get too
confusing after the Slashdot announcement.  We can still change the location if
a better idea appears.

I'll coordinate the email and with The Garage since I'm unemployed right now. :-/

Alright, I added a party in 

For now I'm 
thinking McKibbins, downtown. If anyone has a suggestion (location, festivities, IE logo 
pinata) email me at To announce your presence go to the site above, 
and please do RSVP; the staff of wherever we're invading will want to know how many to expect.
Is anyone doing a T-shirt for the release? If so how can I get one? If not, I am
willing to design one and set it up with cafe press...
Torontozilla - Please pick something other than Vinnie's.
1) It has no class.
2) The food is unbelievably bad.
3) The video games there are expensive.
4) The video games there suck.
5) It's dark and stuffy and depressing.
Come one!  Pick something brighter!
Hey! I like going to Vinnie's. Besides, other than Swatow and a couple of Subway
franchises, it's pretty much the only restaurant I know of in downtown Toronto.
Would we all rather go to Agincourt then? It's a lot easier for me to go to The
Perfect Chinese Restaurant near Brimley and Sheppard, but I don't think we would
be able to get a whole area to ourselves, instead we'd be spread about the place.
A Question to other party organizers:

It looks like we'll have over 60 in Columbus, OH.  Is anyone planning any
activities?  I'm contemplating maybe a costume contest, or maybe pinata's, or
something else to make it an event.  Any suggestions?

Also Did anyone go ahead with a T-shirt design?  I'm sure there will be some bites.

Please reply to
Regarding comment #128 - I nominate Chris's house ;-)
Anyone know any other places in Toronto? Is there going to be an entrance fee,
or buy your own drinks? I was thinking we could collect money, go to a real
popular nightclub, and toss the money in some guy's face like that guy did to
Puff Daddy.

Regarding comment #109 - Geeks know how to throw the best parties!!!!

Where to buy T-Shirts? No party without T-Shirt. And mugs!
I tried putting togehter some t-shirt design (it's for the europe/vienna party).
It's hacked together from the mozilla-t-shirt-gifs available on

In regards to comment #131:
Brian: my basement apartment can barely fit ten people. It's entirely out of the
question to throw it here. And I hate nightclubs, a good bar or restaurant is
much better.

In regards to comment #132:
I'm sure something can be set up with CafePress. They do shirts, mugs,
mousepads, a lot of merchandise that you can brand yourself and sell.
Here is the Toronto T-Shirt .png image with the front and back labeled (Words
"Front" and "Back" not to be included in the shirt). How are we going to
administer the creation of these shirts? I wouldn't expect you to create these
in advance with your own money when you aren't sure if enough people would pay
at the door so you wouldn't lose all your money. Too bad doesn't
have donations (bug 111392) so that it could insure people paying for the
parties ;-)

Chris: Whatever bar/restaurant we choose, could you or others find out whether
they would cut us a deal in drinks/etc because we are coming as a large group
(and therefore buying in bulk)? In that case, we could collect money that would
pay for free drinks. It would also be nice if we had a big Mozilla ice cream
cake shaped like the Mozilla logo here:
( replacing "svg" with
"1.0" and also had the T-Shirts, but I don't feel it would be fair to ask
anyone to shell out that kind of money ahead of time on the hope that they
collect enough at the door. Possible solutions are:
- Every person coming pays whenever they sign up for the party so their
T-Shirts, food, etc will be ready
- People pay at the door for their food and shirts, and the money for the food
is given to the restaurant/bar at that time and the shirts are mailed to them.
(Problem with that would be that they wouldn't be able to wear it at the

Anyone going to the Toronto party have any ideas what our best course of action
would be?
Attached file Photoshop .psd image
Here is the .psd file for the T-Shirt
This file is for Adobe Photoshop. It is the .psd of the part of the logo that
contains Mozilla destroying the CN Tower (The tallest free-standing structure
in the world), which is located in Toronto.
BTW - I just remembered - the location of the SVG (scalable vector graphics)
version of is located at - you can view it in internet
explorer with a plugin by adobe and also in Mozilla (when it works). From there,
you can save it as any other kind of file. That way, you can have a much larger
image than svgmoz.png.
We are organizing a party in the north-east area of ITALY, in Treviso (about 
50km from Venice)


contact: to help organizing or to partecipate.


Party #123: Germany, Duesseldorf, Jahnstr. 18, 2002-06-12T18:00, Free Speech
*and* Free Beer
Mozilla T-shirts mostly with a new york theme:
Be sure you check out & register at:

if you wanna be on air/radio with your party :>

Well, when we do release 1.0, I'm sure a few fans will be chanting:

"Zil to the m-o, one to the point oh..."

(I may not be cc'd on this bug anymore, but I still read over it.  And I still 
tell bad jokes...)
1.0 is out the door.
Chris: So forget the T-Shirts? We can print out the logo and tape it on to plain
white T-shirts ;-)

Seriously though: Could you make a large banner out of the back side of the
T-Shirts? That we can put up at Vinney's?

Is it this Saturday, or do you want to schedule it for later on? (I would prefer
later on)


After the last party, we can close out this bug.
That's strange, the bugmail I got when I made my last comment says that the bug
has been RESOLVED FIXED, but it doesn't seem to be here. ...

Anyways, regarding the Toronto party, I'd like to move it to next weekend
instead of this one. I'm fearing logistics issues, and on top of that, I still
have no money to help me with this party. Could I get some help (such as someone
taking responsibility of the party from me)? Thanks.
I'd still like to have the t-shirts. And I want to move the party, permanently,
to June 15. So not this Saturday, but the next one. I was betting that 1.0 would
be out next week or after then, so today's release suprised the hell out of me.
yeah !
Milwaukee Party Detail: (#58)

Overwhelming responses wanted to go to Onopa so here we go:


Onopa Brewery
735 E Center St
Milwaukee, WI 53212


Time: I am going to show up and 2100.  Some people have expressed 2000 so
basically anytime after 2000 works.

How to recognize: Just look for the big collection of geeks and no girls :P .  I
myself will be wearing my RubiCon 4 shirt so you could always look for that.

Misc: I have called and let them know we are coming.  Now lets drink :) and hope
to see everybody there.

Sorry to hear about the Milwaukee party: "geeks and no girls"?
The Philly party is garanteed to have at least one girl, as long as somebody
announces when it's going to happen. :-)  
Where's the sunglasses banner on the home page?  :)
Re: Comment 143
> And I still tell bad jokes...

Agreed ;-)

Chris: re: comment #147. It suprised the hell out of me too until I remembered
that they have been rejecting patches on the branch for a while and only putting
them on the trunk.

Anyway, I'm not prepared for this weekend either. I would love to have the
shirts, but I don't have that kind of money to shell out without some kind of
verification I'd be repayed. You could A) Send an email to all the people listed
on the party about the shirts or B) Get some kind business to sponsor it (I
don't see the chances of that happening unless they get something out of it). Of
course, we could buy the shirts on speculation of an entrance fee, but there is
no guarantee people will show up.

I am saying this publicly since other parties might find this information useful
in setting up shirts for themselves:

I think the best solution would be to set up a paypal account and email them. If
we get enough, we make the shirts. If we don't, we have a record of who sent the
money (I hope) and can return it. If you like that idea, we can set up one
specifically for the party. What do you think? Of course, I don't know the first
thing about getting shirts made except for a little playing around with
silkscreen. I have never ordered shirts, and I would imagine its more expensive
in the US. Perhaps you are better equipped to handle the actual ordering of the

I would be happy to help you get things rolling in the limited capacity I can
from 10+ hours away from Toronto by car. :-) Can you please go to a few places
with the logo I designed
( and see how
much it would cost per shirt? I think, in advance, we should probably think
about charging 150% production costs for each person who agrees to a shirt. Of
course, that number might have to change after we tally up costs. The extra 50%
per shirt can be used:
- To make shirts for people who didn't get a shirt but changed their minds and
decide to buy one when they walk in (no they won't get it for free :-)
- Money to work up some kind of deal with the estabishment for whatever we need
(food, drinks, cake, space, etc).
- Extra unforseen costs

Any extra money can be returned evenly to the people who paid, or given to some
charity, depending on what people decide.

Why don't we rent out the restaurant floor of the CN Tower for the party? ;-)
(Just kidding)

Off topic:

On comment #137, I said the CN Tower was the tallest freestanding structure in
the world. Don't get that mistaken with tallest building because the CN Tower is
considered an observation tower, not a building.,Taipei,Chicago,New%20York%20City,Kuala%20Lampur&buildingname=Empire%20State%20Building,1%20World%20Trade%20Center,Sears%20Tower,Petronas%20Towers,Taipei%20Financial%20Center,CN%20Tower&sb=roof&offset=0

Maggie--don't worry about the Milwaukee party; if they don't want any women they
probably won't get any.  I don't like to go to parties where I'm not welcome.
I am hoping to go to two parties in this area if the timing works out.  :-)
Re: comment #153

I can't go around from place to place looking for a deal. With my nonexistant
resources, I can't afford even bus fare right now. At this point I don't know if
I'll even be able to show up at the party.

As for PayPal, I think that only Americans can currently set up accounts, and
that someone setting up an account needs a credit card. I don't qualify for
either of those. There is going with CafePress, but with shipping, the shirts
would show up a week late for the party.

Seems like a no-win scenario. :(
Ok, guys, About the T-Shirts, have a look at

I know these are for the NY party, but some of them are generic mozilla T-Shirts.

I called them, and confirmed that they do ship to Canada.

The best part is that you can setup your own shop, send them your own images,
and they will make T-Shirts, mugs etc, and sell on your behalf. This saves you
the upfront cost of setting up a store, printing t-shirts etc.

If they need someone in USA to open / manage a store, I would be willing to help
you guys out.

I myself will be attending the NYC party.

Disclaimer: I am not a sales person of this website, just a fellow mozilla'ite :) 

Im having a party on Starlink-irc on June 12th in #MozillaParty. Come one all.
Cause i not taking the T to Boston to see 2 parties and im not flying to LA for
the Roadtrip party cause 1. dont enough money 2.Not goona wait in LA for 9 or 8
days to  party!!!
The "Mozilla 1.0 attendees from Derby" launch party will take place at the
Sherwood Forester, Derby, UK, at 9pm on Saturday June 15th (I was away last
week).  Anyone in the area welcome to turn up, but please e-mail me in advance
so I can arrange numbers with the landlord.

Yay.  Party.  Parties are cool.  :)
Montreal Mozilla party is ON!

It's on Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 9PM, at Bar Saint-Sulpice (1680 St. Denis)
in centre-ville. More info available here:

(Don't let the hostname fool you -- this is for MONTREAL!)
Montreal Mozilla party is ON!

It's on Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 9PM, at Bar Saint-Sulpice (1680 St. Denis)
in centre-ville. More info available here:

(Don't let the hostname fool you -- this is for MONTREAL!)
The Birmingham Area Linux Users ( are having a
party on June 12, 7:30pm at Dave's Pizza in Homewood, Alabama.
All your bass are belong to us.  30 hours to go!
Chris: If we have it this weekend, we will probably have to forget the shirts. 
If we have it next weekend, or whatever, I can see what I can do. Are we 
definately having it this weekend? If we are, then the possibility of getting 
shirts going is null. Even one week will be a tight squeeze. It depends on 
enough people getting me the money to get shirts going for a fast order. 

Should we forget the shirts and just make a banner?

Please reply ASAP :-)

If the party is this weekend, then please provide an update on when it is 
going to be, etc, etc. At this point - it seems that we should just have 
everyone buy their own drinks, etc and the party just being to meet and chat 
about our favorite dinosaur.

The problem is, we have about twice the number of t-shirts as there are
confirmed people for Torontozilla. I know there'll be people walking in, but it
would be nice to have more than 30 confirmed party-goers.
Alias: party
The CCamp Mozilla Party is alive!

30 people, 1 BBQ and tons of beer. :)
The CCamp Mozilla Party is alive!

30 people, 1 BBQ and tons of beer. :)
and an image that hasn't changed in 20 minutes! :)
Check out the live feed from the New York City Mozilla party!, then hit 'on air'
From 7pm EST tonight

You need the Real media player plugin
Took us a while, but now we are up and running with two webcams - and images that even change once in a while ;)  Well, provides us with the music and we provide us with the beer. la la la :)   
Jamie Zawinski, DNA Lounge ROCKS!!!!

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Verified, as most LA Mozzers are hungover today, and I saw a GIRL on the
partyCam, there HAD to have been a party.
Need more party?
Party in Cologne tonight. Barbeque and beer. Weather is looking perfect...

See you there!
Montreal weekend release party tomorrow, Saturday June 15th. The Wednesday party
was a huge success; let's see how hard we can rock the weekend!

The downstairs bar of McKibbin's, 1426 Bishop, 8PM 'til close. Bring your
friends, your whole family... the more the merrier!
Torontozilla was a success! While less people showed up than expected, we were
still able to have a great party, thanks to the many games and good pizza of
Vinnie's Toronto bar.

Here's waiting for the 2.0 release party... :P
PARTY ON THE WEB!!!!!  (Encore Presentation)
Will be on the 20th of June. Will you please come to it!!

On Starlink-irc June 20th,2002 in #MozillaParty
Resolution: FIXED → ---
However, the big party and pretty much all the satellite parties are done.
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missed the 1.0... how about rc parties?
chris: Did the bar give back the money they had kept in case no one showed up?
Re: comment #178
The guy who was supposed to hand over the deposit never showed up, so the bar
didn't get one. So the deposit front was no problem after all.
vrfy there even was a party in philadelphia
Mozilla 2.0 party!!! -> Bug 175194
Taking off radar...
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Reassigning to reporter. Since this bug is dead, its a nonissue.
Assignee: nobody → markush
-> Fixed
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Blocks: 262292
Hmmm. Mozparty organisation in progress in South of France, French Riviera. It's
going to take place in Vence, not very far from Nice, non french people welcome.

Organized by LUG Linux Azur,  proposed by Michael Opdenacker.
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