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Lack of Sex is interfering with my ability to triage bugs


(Tech Evangelism Graveyard :: English US, defect)

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(Keywords: helpwanted, highrisk, polish, Whiteboard: [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML] aok [QA-HP][havefix][havecontact])


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Due to lack of sex I have been unable to concentrate as much on triaging bugs
since i often get distracted. This creates a large problem for Mozilla since
often times I am the one that keeps the Unconfirmed bugs under control. Without
being able to concentrate more often the Unconfirms often increase until they
are out of control.

Reproducibility: Often

Expected Results: Get laid.

Current Results: Not getting laid

I hope someone in the Mozilla community can help me out with this problem so we
can all benefit from an undistracted mind. :)
Agreed. His lack of naked-time with other people is havinf a detrimental effect
on his tiny little mind.
Ever confirmed: true
CCing others who probably can reproduce this.

Reporter, can we get a minimal testcase?
setting status whiteboard

ksosez: what sort of partner do you need and of what species?
Whiteboard: [NEEDMORE-XXX]
Preferiably Homosapian and Female :)
Keywords: highrisk
Summary: Lack of Sex is interfearing with my ability to triage bugs → Lack of Sex is interfering with my ability to triage bugs
Last time I tried to add a female homosapien into the Mozilla source, everything
got rearranged and I couldn't find anything. When I finally got it all
straightened out and tried to compile, it it consistently failed but with no
apparent problem, eventually leading to a major crash.

Suggesting that another solution be found. Have you ever thought about getting a
Attending a good seminar for a weekend or so may help. Seminars are full of
interesting young people, and sharing 3 days and 2 nights together may result in
new (and close!) friends.

I wouldn't exactly recommend seminars on computer-related topics, though. I have
better experiences with political topics or seminars on relaxative massage.
> Suggesting that another solution be found. Have you ever thought about getting 
> a "pet"?

No, I don't think bestiality is the solution.

I've had this problem since at least M13. Adding helpwanted keyword.

Reporter, is it possible that this is related to a performance issue with yourself?
Keywords: helpwanted
not affiliated with this site in any way, shape or form but you should look on for a wife, or two..  Just add them to your shopping cart
Reversing database corruption caused by bug 95857 and bug 95798.  Pay no
attention to the man behind the curtain.
Worksforme, build 1978061022, on a virgin installation of mptOS 2.2.3. I'm not
seeing lack of sex causing any of the problems described here.

So maybe this bug is architecture-specific? A little-endian problem, perhaps?
I think the following keywords apply:
1. access
2. dataloss
3. flash
4. hang
5. interop
6. mostfreq
7. perf
8. polish (don't ask!)
9. privacy (see #8)10. quicktime
11. softui
12. stackwanted
A note to anyone working on this bug: Do not bother trying to reproduce this
bug.  Due to it's unique nature, reproduction is impossible.
Marking invalid. Look at all the productivity we've gotten out of XPToolkit team 
the past two years, and we *know* they ain't gettin' none. Must be something 
else wrong with Asa.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
I tend to disagree the fact that XPToolkit people being able to do so much work
without getting any has no barring on the current bug :)

Lack of sex has been scientifically proven to hinder bug triage while the
research on programming shows lack of sex makes you a productive programmer ;)

In addition I see this bug being dependent on  bug 60455 since once 60455
happens i see this getting solved as well :)
I tend to disagree the fact that XPToolkit people being able to do so much work
without getting any has no barring on the current bug :)

Lack of sex has been scientifically proven to hinder bug triage while the
research on programming shows lack of sex makes you a productive programmer ;)

In addition I see this bug being dependent on  bug 60455 since once 60455
happens i see this getting solved as well :)
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Changing Dependency
Depends on: 60455
This is most clearly an evangelism issue, we need to evangelize people 
to have sex with you. Possible [SYNTAX-SML] (sex markup language) 
issue as the backend may have tons of sex events lined up, but is being 
called with the improper constructor from the front end.
Component: Browser-General → US English
Product: Browser → Tech Evangelism
Whiteboard: [NEEDMORE-XXX] → [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML]
Version: other → unspecified
Neither Asa nor doron is the correct assignee for this bug. Please
correct the errors.
Ah, yes. This bug needs to be reassigned to the default owner and QA of the Sex
component of the Relationships product.

I think someone's missing the joke here.

Reassigning to the default owner and QA of Tech Evangelism/US English, since
that's where this bug seems to have ended up.
Assignee: asa → bclary
QA Contact: doronr → zach
well, i got no problems of this type -> works for me
Closed: 21 years ago21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
I can still reproduce this, and I've seen this at least since M5 (actually, it
seems this has occurred some months earlier) - and I didn't come around to do
much triaging in the meantime.
This also distracts me from my L10n work sometimes.
The proposed patch seems to have no positive effect on me either.
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
ok. one last time:

steps to fix this problem.

// for you parents
while (age < 18years)

gf = getGirlFriend();

if (!gf.isLoose())


Closed: 21 years ago21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I think the complaint here is that getGirlFriend tends to deadlock because all
of the available resources have write locks.
Reopening and moving because its still a bug (but reassigning as to not bug bc) :)
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Assignee: bclary → nobody
Hmm... so has this problem??  I think I need to get a job ;)

Also, Tech Evangelism doesn't have any attachment status set up, otherwise I'd
flag attachment 46334 [details] as "needs-work".
getGirlFriend() returns null or blocks when called and no GirlFriend object is
allocated.  I wasn't able to find the proper source file, but judging from
the behavior I suspect it's either buggy or an uncompleted stub.

In light of the current situation, I suspect the latter.
Might I suggest a preventative mostfreq, because this could get out of hand
so rapidly among the user and developer community?
It seems there's a tracking bug for bugs like this. Bug 59921 to be precise. And
there you'll find a comment from Emlyn Shannon, who says that all of us have "no
life <em>whatsoever</em>."
ccing self, if somebody comes up with a solution for this I want to know...

I've tried the |make love| and |wget girlfriend| to no success
Maybe the problem is due to removal of layers between Netscape 4 and Mozilla?
hmm, I was able to remove the cause but not the symptom here on my box. After I
could resolve the build bustage and now have a recent build of the "GirlFriend"
project, my ability to triage or resolve bugs decreased again instead of
increasing. Either this is not the right solution or I have to tweak build
options a bit...
You can try to move you build to Mozilla so that she files bugs herself. That
may compensate for you doing less triaging.
I thought sex was basic arithmatic

void havesex() {
         sex = ((((boy + girl) - clothing) / her legs) * # of stroke to ***)
request addition of keyword (whiteboard): girlwanted, sexwante. This bug
possibly depends on bug 100309 for resolution.
Whiteboard: [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML] → [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML] aok
I tried this on a debug build and I got an assertion in getGirlFriend() --
apparently "all applicable resources are already allocated". Anyone have any
idea how to get around this?
Hixie: I immediately replaced all references to getGirlFriend with
emulateGirfriend(this.hand), and although it might be the optimal solution, it
gets rid of the assertion. I recommend to be careful of what you pass to the
emulateGirlfriend function.
I think we need to avoid hacky workarounds.  I did some profiling and there seem
to be way too many calls to makeLesbian.  As we all know, this is using up
resources.  =)
[W] MLK: Memory leak of 69 bytes from 1 block allocated in 
        Distribution of leaked blocks
        Allocation location
            new(UINT)      [mshuman.DLL]
            nsCreateGirlfriends [nsGirfriends.cpp:60]
                // Generic constructors
             => NS_FEMALE_CONSTRUCTOR(nsFemale) // create a female instance
                NS_MALE_CONSTRUCTOR(nsMale) // create a male instance
            nsConvert::YoungFemaleToTeen(nsAge, Class, Morals, SelfConfidence )
[nsConvertToTeenager.cpp:3321]             // taking these parameters, we shape
the girl's personality and availability
                    nsresult rv = NS_MakeAvailable(nsAge, Class, Morals,
                    if (NS_FAILED(rv)) return rv; // check the result from above
for availability
             =>     return cm->AvailabilityManager(nsAge, Class, Morals,
There could be a couple of problems here. 
1.  You may need to define a #needsGirlfriend system environment variable to
satisfy that
#ifdef / #endif wrapped around the nsCreateGirlfriends call.  
2.  The NS_FEMALE_CONSTRUCTOR takes an nsFemale parameter, but I don't see
nsFemale ever getting init'd.
3.  You could be passing the wrong values into the global
nsConvert::YoungFemaleToTeen() method.  Try decreasing morals
or decreasing self-confidence (don't touch age, that might get you in trouble
with the law/parents).
4.  If the constructor for and nsFemale succeeds, perhaps NS_MakeAvailable()
isn't doing its job.  I know in the Bay area,
there is a severe shortage of available, attractive females.
5.  You could also be passing only 3 parameters to NS_MakeAvailable, at which
point this function fails, because it's
looking for the SelfConfidence parameter (an important metric for availability).
Keyser, you're always welcome to join the dark side, even if Mr. Nobody does fix
this bug.  No, not that dark side, megaconglomerates scare me.  I mean
forgot to link with apparently
Whiteboard: [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML] aok → [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML] aok [QA-HP] changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
  Status Whiteboard|                            |[native]
   Target Milestone|---                         |future
I'm starting to wonder if it is just the reporters problem with the inability to
have sex. In which case ACCESS and HANG needs to placed in keywords. A possible
solution to this is viagra, because we all could use some more "uptime." If this
is not the case, then I suggest PRIVACY should be added, and possibly REGRESSION
if this is not the first case. Hopefully we can get this fixed before mozilla1.0
Code review of #24: age should not be hard-coded at 18, it's locale dependent.
There is also no test for gf.age.

Has the reporter considered saving all his work, shutting down the computer, and
leaving the house?
why should he when he can buy a nice sex box from (temporarily down)
Is there any accessibility issue behind this bug ?
Possible small/deflated penii could be an accessibility problem
Adding "polish" keyword per comment #13. 

I wonder if that makes the bug belong to Europe:Central tech evangelism. If so,
I should accept the bug as the default owner for that component.
Keywords: polish
The code is incorrect (in comment #24):

while (age < 18years)

nor do I agree with hardcoding ages based on locale.

This is assuming everyone using the code is over the age of consent. Otherwise,
you expect someone under the age of consent to care about the age of consent?
Personally, I go for just a warning dialog box that asks them to confirm.

Also, what if they turn to the age of consent in 1 month? Then sleep 1 year
would be too long.

What happens if gf.age is unresolvable? For instance, some women go to bars with
fake ids. (i.e. - a 17 year old that looks 21 using a fake id). What if there is
no way to determine her age and she lies about it?

Basically, what I am saying is gf.age depends on knowing the age which isn't
always the case. Maybe there should be a gf.age (which could be NULL) and a
I recommend re-designing the code using threading to allow the reporter to get
on with other things in his life while he waits for the big moment. If he has a
girlfriend but needs to sleep for a year in order to have sex, he certainly
won't have a girlfriend when he wakes up.
err. bugs like this are fun but I don't think a 13 year old makes a kosher QA
contact. :-/
Moving to nobody..since really I am not getting any so Nobody is helping either
:) Sorry for the spam.
QA Contact: zach → nobody
if someone finds a fix for this, i know a lot of people who would be willing to
test it...
I've heard rumours that there is a substance known as "alcohol" that may be of

Possibly the reporter could try some, possibly with the possible solution
attachement, and report back?

I'll hate to tell ya folks, but I'm still able too find unresponded unco 
reports from as way back as Moz 0.96. Is there nothing we can do about this 
bug? Someone should set this bug from "Major" to "Critical"...
Well set back on this bug:

I was driving home today on the freeway when the car in front of me flipped up a
tire tread and it slammed into my car at 75 mph. I didnt have much time except
to hold on but the front of my car has a large dent in it and one of the
radiator fans is missing (thats all i could see tonight since it was dark).

Since I cant afford to fix it  there goes another notch on the pimp scale. And I
was having such a good day too *sigh* 
given that i'm not getting any, i'm tempted to mark this wontfix.
<twisted logic/>Ksosez: If you have insurance, then just slam your car into a
brick wall. Then, it will be worth the deductible because the damages will be
much greater than the deductible. You might even get a new car.</twisted logic>
Ksosez told me on IRC:
<Ksosez> just make sure no one pays you to fix 95849

> I was driving home today on the freeway when the car in front of me flipped up a
> tire tread and it slammed into my car at 75 mph.

you obviously don't know how to arrange these things. You should have stopped
the other car. surely, it would have been a woman. if she's nice...
But avoid stunts when trying to stop her. You'd probably end up in a wall, and
that's not cool at all.
I 've seen this problem recently but maybe theres help outside there somewhere :-)) 
Any women experiencing this problem?
I found the solution:

GetGirlFriend (#24) is not buggy, but needs a parameter "secret
interaction-code" (24 bit integer). A lot of codes work, but doesn't always
result in an instace that's compatible with havesex(). And some instances only
can be activated when GetMarried is called and after that it can be only used
once a half year. Reverse engineering hasn't worked for me. It's much too
complex and large. So I suggest brute force hacking. Use threading! (see #52)

I'll try it myself this weekend.

PS: Brute force hacking is something else then hardcode:

gf.Purpose = sex;
gf.ThinkForHerself = False;
gf.AutoLay = True;
gf.PeriodLenght = 0;
gf.Type = teenager;
... and all the other wicked things in your mind.
Hmmmm. Just wondering if this bug is not a regression ;-)
*** Bug 153617 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Woot cant even talk to women....I am a real  winner...girls snatch  me  up while
you can...I am going to bed...I hope you all have a Significant Other  to go
home to...Night
Whiteboard: [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML] aok [QA-HP] → [NEEDMORE-XXX], possible [SYNTAX-SML] aok [QA-HP][havefix][havecontact]
Closed: 21 years ago20 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Not invalid. However, this might turn out to be a duplicate of bug 51683,
"Unable to have 2 differently named girlfriends in the same bed".
Alias: lackofsex
Not sure how this got closed..still a problem reopening.
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Assigning to jesus_X because women told me they think he's a stud. If anyone can
solve this, he can. Dmose would be the best candidate, but he's too busy to take
this at the moment.

Making Ksosez the QA cause he reopened it.

I don't know exactly what we need to do to get this resolved. I know its an
issue, but it doesn't seem to be something easy to fix. I think the best
recourse would be for someone to talk to Todd Stanton, a Linux Developer who got

I think a solution might be renaming "xpfe/bootstrap" to "xpfe/brastrap", but I
have heard other developers say that would not be a viable solution.
Assignee: nobody → jesus_x
QA Contact: nobody → verbal
Bug seems to be showing up sporadically, there and gone, I had this problem with M14-0.8, then as soon as I thought you guys fixed it, it's starting to creep back into 1.1 and later, getting worse with every nightly.

Suggest we route all of our resources to pinning down this bug once and for all, ASA, you should be able to do something, right?
By "pinning down" do you mean "tying up"?  That's sort of kinky...
Yeah, this must have regressed somewhere in the 1.1 cycle. I believe it still
worked when 1.1 beta was released. It completely broke somewhere between 1.2
beta and 1.2 final. Could someone provide me builds dating in those periods,
esp. around the 1.1 freeze (before 1.1 was branched), and between 1.2 beta
release and 1.2 freeze? I think I might find the issues that caused the
regression there, perhaps, I'd even be able to fix it...
I almost saw this fixed in some of the nightlies between Cristmas and new year
but not quite
Not quite, because goats don't count.
I'm afraid the reason for this bug has been found. Look carefully in 192946, it
seems like we now has a reason. What we only need now is a solution so we can
They are getting it on in Italy. There must be some developers in on the 
action ;-)

Parking Lots of Love
Mar 31, 10:37 am ET 

ROME (Reuters) - All roads are supposed to lead to Rome, but amorous young 
Italians anxious to escape mamma's beady eye might be tempted to take a detour 
to the country's first "Love Car Park."
The Tuscan town of Vinci, more commonly known for its Renaissance artist son 
Leonardo, is renovating a car park complete with soft lighting and special 
trash bins for condoms.

"We're just recognizing that young people love each other," Mayor Giancarlo 
Faenzi told Reuters by telephone on Monday.

"If you don't face that fact, you're simply closing your eyes to reality and 
you just end up sending them a kilometer (half a mile) down the road," he 
said, adding that the town was still deciding whether to install a condom 

The back seat often acts as a substitute bed for those Italians who live with 
their parents well into their 30s.

Even Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi famously reminisced last year about 
how "many of us first kissed our girl in a Fiat 500."

Italians talk of a "Car-ma Sutra," illustrating positions best suited to 
specific car models, though no one can ever remember the name of the book.

Car sex is not illegal in strongly Catholic Italy -- as long as the windows 
are covered up.

But woe betide anyone who is spotted in flagrante, whatever their age.

Last month an 85-year-old man and his 74-year-old lady friend were caught 
having sex in a car park next to a school and were given a two-month suspended 

I provided the text cause I don't know how long this link will be good:|oddlyenough|03-31-

This is fun and all but -> invalid.
Closed: 20 years ago19 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Marking Fixed (whoohoo)
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Marking Fixed..after 3 years
Closed: 19 years ago19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I'm sorry, we need some verification on this one...
According to my wife, I have the opposite problem. Too much bug triaging
prevents any chance for sex. Should I file a new bug ? (and yes, that's a
recursion !)
I see the same problem for several builds now.

Reopening this Bug might do. Maybe we can solve both in one!
Congratulations, you have found the longest running gag bug on (save the $50 Hyatt -> Bengoodger joke).

comment #84: I know triaging bugs can be exciting, but it shouldn't be so
sexually stimulating that you don't have any sexual energy left over for your
wife. ;-)

Regardless, there are excercises that you can do to improve your endurance so
you have a little left over for her. 

Of course, she could just sit on your lap while you triage and if I were her,
I'd probably have done that by now to divert your attention.


(I find the little anectdotes too funny to remove my name from CC list)

Damn it. There goes our last reason why we're still working on this project :-)
(In reply to comment #87)
> Damn it. There goes our last reason why we're still working on this project :-)

You have it all wrong! Since more men have downloaded (and presumably installed)
Firefox than women that means there are plenty of women for us men to "upgrade".

"Hey baby, want me to insert my Firefox into your box?" ;)
That is based on the assumption that Women don't reject us first.

"Installation Failed, please try again!"
(In reply to comment #89)
> "Installation Failed, please try again!"

Don't you mean "403 Forbidden"?
or "402 Payment Required"?
Most of my attempts to get a girl usually results in Error 410 GONE. But if we
want to play this game as well, there could be:

400  	Bad Request (Slap)
405  	Method Not Allowed ("I'm saving myself to get married")
406  	Not Acceptable (Not on a first date at least)
411  	Length Required (And they say size don't matter! pff!)
413  	Request Entity Too Large (Or we could be too large)
415  	Unsupported Media Type (Can't forget the Gay buffs)
What about:
301 Moved Permanently
303 See Other
304 Not Modified (and you won't either)
305 Use Proxy (ask your friend)
Many studies have proven that minimizing stress is good for a healthy sex-life.
The issue brought to attention here is very peculiar. Why would something that
loweres the stress-level have en negative result on sex-life?

If we look deeper into the problem we see that not the actual repairing of
programming-code nor the lack of sex is the reason for this continuous problem.
We see actually that the persons forgets one is married and has problems not
having a hold on the situation. For too many hours in the evening one is not
having a free time, but paying attention to a hobby which has grown from a
weekly relief to a responsiblity. The result is a lowered
marriage-advantage-frequency, which in result will have more stress and will
keep the attention of his daily life (including the hobby, being bug-triaging).

So if you still follow me, you agree that when this bug happens, you should stop
bug triaging immediately to recover from this mental state which docters believe
will possibly result in death or at least a divorce. We should keep in mind that
if a person who fixes many bugs dies, it will be loss for the community.

(I hope I won't slow down the development of Mozilla by revealing this study. As
being Dutch one would think I would say No to anything, but I can say I'll never
say no to sex... or the Mozilla-project.)
Bug tringing has slowed down dramitcaly, this bug must be re-evaluated for possible recursion in receant builds on trunk with new gecko, or the fact that SeaMonkey that materalized.  This may be related to bug 216332, or a regression of bug 226482.  

(sorry for any personal pain this may encur to Keyser)
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Depends on: 360323
I think I made a breakthrough in finding out what's preventing this bug from being fixed.  See bug 360323
the greatest thing is that none of you guys have actually got laid for ages lol, but totally pretending to sound like you know what you're talking about =P how funny!
I start thinking this bug is INCOMPLETE. Trying to fix it, one can discover that
too much sex is also rapidly interfering with the ability to triage bugs.
We probably need a small team to determine an efficiency range here...
I can't believe this bug hasn't been fixed after almost 7 years! Grey Hodge, are you planning to work on it soon?? Please reconsider blocking the next release.

If it helps, this bug seems to be easier to reproduce during winter time here in the nordics.
Hardware: PC → PocketPC
If a suitably attractive female partner could be provided, I would be willing to participate on the aforementioned team to study the issue of exactly how much sex is too much.  Just doing my part to contribute to the open source community!
(In reply to comment #100)
> If a suitably attractive female partner could be provided, I would be willing
> to participate on the aforementioned team to study the issue of exactly how
> much sex is too much.  Just doing my part to contribute to the open source
> community!

That's exactly what the problem is here. No partner was provided, hence we can't triage bugs...
I would volunteer, but please see the bug 360323  blocking this one, first.
Hardware: PocketPC → All

Why exactly is this bug here?
Where else do you suggest that it should be?  It remains an open issue.

Really?  Are you serious?
I believe carnal knowledge is required to close this.
Christopher, you might not believe it, but some of us need some fun in their lives to actually stay productive in their work. It's not only that the reporter has seen this as described in comment #0, other Mozilla contributors have been able to unintentionally reproduce this problem, including myself. Even social researchers will probably confirm to you that this is actually true - I remember there was even an actual university study on Mozilla contributions that could anecdotally confirm this problem.

It would probably be nice if we found a solution to this within the Mozilla community. Depending on how to compile it into my work/life day, I might be able to test a fix - though I'd prefer such a fix to stick permanently. If it works out fine, I think I have the resources to maintain a local patch indefinitely.
(In reply to comment #107)
> - I remember there was even an actual university study on Mozilla contributions
> that could anecdotally confirm this problem.

Is there a published paper on this?
(In reply to comment #108)
> Is there a published paper on this?

Not sure but we can certainly compile a lot of user experience and references.
(In reply to comment #108)
> (In reply to comment #107)
> > - I remember there was even an actual university study on Mozilla contributions
> > that could anecdotally confirm this problem.
> Is there a published paper on this?

You mean that we could mark this in-testsuite+?

I don't think this was in the paper but with a bit of research I found that this was presented at FOSDEM 2006 by this guy: - and here's a blog post talking about it:
(IIRC, what was actually proven was that people who have a girlfriend or family are contributing more patches to Mozilla on average than those who haven't, which isn't exactly what this bug says - but that prove there was actually scientifically done by a university graduate and supports the general motto of this bug.)

In any case, as Daniel states, we have enough proof that this is an actual bug - now I wonder when someone can finally come up with a general fix. I still see it with recent nightlies and the proposal to fix it with |wget girlfriend| results in a "Resolving girlfriend... failed: Name or service not known." error.
I can also confirm this still an issue using the latest trunk build.
(In reply to comment #111)
> I can also confirm this still an issue using the latest trunk build.

You must be mistaken; issues are with girlfriends (or more generally partners)
or lack of girlfriends, not with code.
Does this issue include the client side error reporting that is now in firefox? :)
This should be duped for application to independent security researchers
@Jonas (#32);

Have you tried executing the command 'wget girlfriend' in superuser mode? I recently found out that 'girlfriend' needs to be installed in SU-mode, and that it depends on the following packages:

-Money (>
-StylishHouse (=>RC2)
-Monogamy (Alpha 1 will suffice)
-GoodLooks (>1.5)

Someone really needs to hack this code, and get a decent version!
Assignee: bugzilla → english-us
Closed: 19 years ago11 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
I think we should reopen this bug and consider a new Web Standard about it
since this issue still hits many people.
The WTF (aka WHATWG) seems to be a good candidate for hosting.
Oh my this is so funny!

There's a lot of people lacking Sex by the way, this bug should be Bug 1 and worldwide ;)

Security issue :V

Flags: needinfo?(nicolas_aragone)
Flags: needinfo?(nicolas_aragone)
Product: Tech Evangelism → Tech Evangelism Graveyard
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