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[tracker] Democratize API access


(Participation Infrastructure :: Phonebook, defect)

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(Depends on 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: [kb=1387255] )

We're going to democratize the API, giving all users an easy way to get an API key and use it for interacting with Along the way we'll clean up some important data exposure issues. 

We wrote up specs for this and they will be captured in the bugs blocking this one. This bug will track the effort.
Duplicate of this bug: 918950
Depends on: 926673, 922173
See Also: → APIv2
See Also: → 926644
Depends on: 1011220
Depends on: 1011227
Depends on: 1011230
Depends on: 1011240
Depends on: 1011241
Depends on: 1011243
Depends on: 1011244
Depends on: 965828
Depends on: 1011276
Whiteboard: [kb=1387255]
Depends on: 1022632
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[bug 1011209] API v2

Fixes bugs: 926673, 1011220, 1011227, 1011243

* Expose new API endpoint for v2
* Use django-rest-framework instead of tastypie
* Respect per field privacy level
* API Resources: Users, Groups, Skills
* Manage API v2 in /admin
* Add page to allow users manage their API keys
* Grant PUBLIC level API access for vouched Mozillians
Depends on: 1145696
Depends on: 1192815
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