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Detach causes message to be marked unread, and lost from Unread messages folder


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Commonly when reading and responding to email the first thing I do is detach the attachments into appropriate folders or more importantly, to detach a calender invite to open it in mac's calender. BUT this marks the message unread and immediately removes from the Unread message folder, 

Open Inbox, 
Quick-Filter Unread
Click on message with attachment
Detach attachment using menu at bottom. 
Notice message disappear from index 

- no longer able to reply to the message without unchecking 'Unread' locating message and then switching back to Unread.
Blocks: TB31found
Seems like catch 22 situation, no?
How would you do this in light of the fact that the "normal case" for handling such a message is that it *should* be marked unread because the message has been touched?
Summary: Detach causes message to be marked unread → Detach causes message to be marked unread, and lost from Unread messages folder
I'm not saying it shouldnt be marked Unread, compare the two cases .
Open Inbox 
Quick-Filter Unread - i.e. only messages Unread *AT THIS POINT* are displayed
a) Click on a mesasge - read it - its now marked Unread (header changes from bold to normal) ***BUT** it reamins in the list, so I can go back to it, delete it, reply to it etc

b) Click on a message - Detach file - not only is it marked Unread (correctly) **BUT** the message is removed from the Unread list of messages.

I think these should be treated the same - i.e. left in this listing (which is now showing Unread and recently Read) until the same triggers that cause it to be redrawn and messages of type "a" removed.

Note there is a related bug , where removing an attachment changes the order of a message within a thread - moving it to the top, rather than its chronological order, but I cant find that on Bugzilla now - I think someone decided it wasn't a bug, and it wasn't worth arguing about.

Isn't the first part of this report essentially the same as Bug 903326 - Message loses its "replied" status/mark after deleting attachments ?

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Could be - there were a number of very similar bugs posted about 6 years ago with same basic concept that Deleting attachments changed status that it shouldn't . (There are pointers to them in #903326)

I changed my work flow pattern to no longer use the Quick Filter/Unread , so I haven't been noticing it.

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