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17 years ago
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(Reporter: Peter Trudelle, Assigned: Blake Ross)


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17 years ago
Scheduled feature work for MachV:

Suggested requirements:
    *  Extend download functionality to include:
          * Tracking of progress on current downloads simultaneously in one window
          * Extended information such as file size, time remaining, location, etc.
          * Pause and Resume functionality
          * Historical view of downloads
    * Should be usable as a standalone download manager (similar to SmartDownload)
    * Should include ability to serve content/ads
          * Possibly only for downloads longer than a specified length
          * Possibly contextually sensitive by file type

Current engineering Plan:
Feature proposal at http://www.silverstone.net.nz/work/DownloadManager.htm
Task breakdown and estimates at

Currently assigned to ben for planning/design; 
implementation estimate: 14.5 days to parity + 4 days optional enhancements we
will have to postpone, and likely have to cut.


17 years ago
Blocks: 102472

Comment 1

17 years ago
See also bug 25995, "Download manager (multiple downloads per window)".


17 years ago
Blocks: 75364
spam: over to File Handling. i have not changed the assigned developer [or the
other fields for that matter], so if anyone realizes that a bug should have a
more appropriate owner, go ahead and change it. :)
Component: XP Apps: GUI Features → File Handling

Comment 3

17 years ago
Would it possible to use the download manager for downloading mail attachments, 
as suggested by yours truly in bug 103875?
alex, that sounds nifty.

mscott and ben, what do you think?
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9.7
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.7 → mozilla0.9.6

Comment 5

17 years ago
Created attachment 54845 [details]
proposal for a publish/subscribe (observer) glue architecture

Comment 6

17 years ago
is the silentdownload projekt part of the build ?
this is a must feature for the download manager :)

Comment 7

17 years ago
hmmmmm it would be interesting if everything went through it.
For example a large page is being displayed by browser,
page itself and every image, script and stylesheet file progress being displayed
in Download Manager. That way you can easily see what files a page consists of,
and quickly click and stop downloads of images you don't want, or select
priority in which images download - could be quite handy on slow connections.

Could even make a special folder in DM for tracking browser downloads.
Another folder for mail downloads.
Another folder for normal file downloads.
And everything else like components or plugin downloads.

In other words giving user *total* control over any downloads application makes?
Could also display statistical info like total bandwidth application, or certain
parts of it take.

Would such functionality require any significant rewrite in Networking component?
Or does it use sufficient Visitor design patterns and provides API for managing
all downloads in progress?
*** Bug 25995 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
*** Bug 96181 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Comment 10

17 years ago
One addition to the original list: persistent download queues. That's the best
thing about external download managers :) Oh, and it should also be able to cap
the number of simultaneous downloads.

As for using it to monitor and control browser content downloads, that's not a
bad idea. It would need to be separated from the files being saved to disk in
order to avoid confusing the display with lots of files the user doesn't
necessarily care about popping in and out of the queue.

Comment 11

17 years ago
Another addition to the original list:

Only download files when the network/Dialup connection is less than (insert %
here) of maximum capacity.  The download manager should check the network
connection maybe every 30 seconds or so to make sure that it isn't being used
before using up all the bandwidth.  It should first check while downloading (if
downloading from a slow site it may not be using much bandwidth) and then (if
necessary) pause downloading and check again, to make sure some other process
isn't trying to use the connection.
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.6 → mozilla0.9.7
original proposal including UI is at


Comment 13

17 years ago
Comments on the UI posted at http://mozilla.org/xpapps/MachVPlan/DownloadMgr.html

Open should be grouped with Show.

Delete is way too ambiguous. For xfers in progress, is should be 'Cancel', for
completed downloads, rename it to 'Clear' or 'Remove', and group with 'Clear all
completed'. Perhaps make a seperate frame for completed Transfers?
Napster/gnutella style.

Need a way to pause all downloads, to regain your bandwidth for another more
important task. This would be a manual way to address the background downloading
Karthik Sheka requested, and much easier (XP!) to implement by 1.0.

Will this be an optional component, or replace the current download dialogs? I
like having a choice, but in this case, I wouldn't mind seeing the individual
dialogs dead and buried.

What's the plan for UNIX? Many of the features would require depending on GNOME
and/or KDE. (Show Location, icons, maybe more)

> The image above shows the use of text labels although icons would be more
> appropriate. 

Do you mean text & icons, or JUST icons? I seriously doubt you can come up with
images for all of those things that are self explainatory. (Yes, tooltips,
blah... what an awful way to learn an interface. The only freaking toolbar
buttons in MS Word I use are bold/italic/underline, because I can't be bothered
to memorize the rest)

Comment 14

17 years ago
doesn't the "pause" function make this bug dependant on bug 107552 ?
Assignee: ben → blakeross


17 years ago
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.7 → mozilla0.9.8

Comment 16

16 years ago
what are the chances this will make 098?

Comment 17

16 years ago
This is going to land in 0.9.9. It was temporarily put aside when I got word
that law was rewriting how we handle download errors, and other related code, as
that impacts download manager code, and because I discovered one other rdf bug
that waterson fixed a few days ago.
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.8 → mozilla0.9.9

Comment 18

16 years ago
Is there a screenshot of your implementation that you could post?


16 years ago
Keywords: nsbeta1

Comment 19

16 years ago
Does this still have a chance of making it into 0.9.9?

Comment 20

16 years ago
law, can you please take a look at the files in
xpfe/components/download-manager/ src/?  (I have updates to the FE to checkin
and nsDownloadProgressListener.js, but I need to leave right now.)

Comment 21

16 years ago
Sorry, Blake.  I just didn't have many spare cycles to devote to this today.

A quick glance at the files raises these issues:

(*) I'd prefer to see some sort of open/close methods in nsIDownloadManager that
would be used to open/close the download manager UI.  That makes it easier to
plug in a new implementation of of the overall component (e.g., one of those
infamous "3rd party download managers").  As it stands, client code is
hard-coding dependencies on the implementation of the UI.

(*) nsIDownloadItem seems like it needs more attributes.  E.g., an nsIMIMEInfo
or something so a helper app can be opened?  Also, there isn't enough info in
that object to initiate a download (I don't know where to look to find out
exactly what operations can be performed on these things).

(*) The interfaces need some documentation describing how they are to be used
and how the pieces fit together.  At a minimum there should be a block comment
for each interface that says what the heck it is used for, what typical client
code does, and how the other interfaces fit with it.  In this case, I'd be
interested in knowing how the current download code (in the uriloader and
webbrowserpersist) fit with this.

(*) Another example: What the heck is an nsIDownloadProgressListener and how
does it fit with the other pieces?

(*) Using the destination file path as a key is shaky, due to the fact that
these aren't necessarily unique on Mac.  Maybe we could use the "internal" name
like what is stored in prefs?

(*) The remote xml data source loading is done asynchronously.  From experience,
this means trouble!  As I recall, there are two problem areas:
  a. You can sometimes get two instances of what you want to be a single data
source.  See how the code in the nsExternalHelperAppService and the helper app
pref panel evolved over time to battle this issue.  That code now relies on
rdfService->GetDataSource to ensure that the same data source is acquired all
the time.
  b. If you load asynchronously, then subsequent requests to find info won't
find it.  This can confuse things greatly.  If we do an asynch load, then we
need to register some sort of callback and/or listener and somehow fend off
requests that come in prior to the data loading (e.g., reject addItem calls if
the data source hasn't loaded yet).

It looks like the UI stuff is real old and not complete?  I'm holding off on
reviewing that for now.

Can I build this and run it somehow?

Comment 22

16 years ago
Yeah the UI stuff is old, I need to checkin the updates but had to run last
night.   And now school calls, but...

The download manager doesn't initiate downloads, the client does it, for cases
like AIM who want to handle their own downloads.  (I thought you already knew
this...Ben sent me mail long ago saying `so here's what we're doing for download
manager')  This is also why there may not seem to be enough attributes, like for
helper apps.  So with respect to your 'what happens to current downloading
code,' well, not much.

What download manager basically does is simple.  The client gives it information
about the file it's downloading, and it becomes the primary
nsIWebProgressListener for the transfer that the client sets on its downloader.
 It then forwards the progress information to three listeners, an optional
listener specified by the client to update client UI, a listener to update the
download manager UI, and a listener to update the properties dialog.

nsIDownloadProgressListener is a js-implemented interface that I'll checkin when
I get home.  It is basically a lot like the nsProgressDlg.js currently in the
tree, but I needed to create a new one because it has to be smart about which
download to update (the current nsProgressDlg.js is very hardcoded about just
updating some fields in the UI with the information that comes in.)  I recall
trying to just extend nsProgressDlg.js to handle, but finding out that the
amount fo work necessary to force code sharing wasn't worth it.

You're right, the datasource needs to be loaded synchronously.

Comment 23

16 years ago
I like the Open/Close idea.  It is much cleaner than openDialog'ing 
downloadManager.xul and then having that call initializeUI because, as you said, 
we can easily hook in other managers (if such a day ever comes), among other 
reasons.  I intend to fix that when I get home (I'm at school now, the wonders 
of technology!) so there's not much point in you continuing to look over the 
code until I do.

However, hopefully you can provide insight on the interaction between transfer 
components and download manager.  I think AIM is something of a special case.  
Perhaps we should let clients specify a save and a cancel callback, and if they 
don't, default to using nsIWebBrowserPersist.

Comment 24

16 years ago
>The download manager doesn't initiate downloads, the client does it, for cases
>like AIM who want to handle their own downloads.  (I thought you already knew

Right; maybe I'm thinking of mpt's download manager spec where there were
pause/resume options, restart download, queue till later, etc.  What I tried to
say was I don't remember the details of Ben's spec.  Is there no pause/resume
(for ftp), launch/show-location (which, now that I think of it, just require the
output file)?  pause/resume requires the nsIRequest, I think.

>What download manager basically does is simple.  The client gives it >information
>about the file it's downloading, and it becomes the primary
>nsIWebProgressListener for the transfer that the client sets on its downloader.
> It then forwards the progress information to three listeners, an optional
>listener specified by the client to update client UI, a listener to update the
>download manager UI, and a listener to update the properties dialog.

That's the kind of info that should be at the top of nsIDownloadManager.idl.

I'm still unclear on how some things would work.  For example, there's a
"cancel" button in the download mgr's UI, right.  What happens when the user
clicks that?

>nsIDownloadProgressListener is a js-implemented interface that I'll checkin
>when I get home.  It is basically...

This info would be easier for the next person if it were in the .idl file in
addition to this bug comment :-).

re: cribbing code from nsProgressDlg.js

You might look at nsProgressDialog.js, which perhaps has slightly more structure
and would be easier to cut/paste code from.  Also, it handles some stuff better
vis-a-vis making sure completions are detected (and the handling of errors).

Comment 25

16 years ago
>However, hopefully you can provide insight on the interaction between transfer 
>components and download manager.

Yes, I'm well versed on this topic having sorted through it all for bug 27609. 
I'll dive into that ASAP.

>                                 I think AIM is something of a special case.  
>Perhaps we should let clients specify a save and a cancel callback, and if they 
>don't, default to using nsIWebBrowserPersist.

Yes, something needs to be there for that (I mentioned the cancel case in my
previous comment).  It is hard to see how the download manager ties into actual
downloads from looking at the interface.  There's doesn't appear to be anything
in the nsIDownloadItem that the download manager can glom onto to do anything
useful with.

I'm still scratching my head over this.  It seems like the .idl files should
explain how the interfaces fit together, if nothing else.

I'm trying to figure out how I'd modify the code in contentAreaUtils.js to use
the download manager.  That code creates an nsIWebBrowserPersist.  I guess I'd
get the nsIDownloadManager service.  But then what do I do?  The only method
that looks plausible is addItem.  So I cobble together one of those and call it.
 But how the heck does the download manager get the progress notifications from
the webbrowserpersist?  Does one have to do some magic like fetch one of the
listener attributes from the download item *after* one adds it, and pass that to
 the webbrowserpersist?  That's way too obtuse, but I can't see anything else
more obvious.

Comment 26

16 years ago
Bill, I made many changes today to download manager.  Can you take a look at the
files in xpfe/components/download-manager/ again?  I think you will find them an
improvement, especially considering some of them are modelled around your new
nsIProgressDialog ;-)

Comment 27

16 years ago
Keywords: nsbeta1 → nsbeta1+

Comment 28

16 years ago
Note, if you're still around tonight: it takes lxr about 2-3 hours to show the
latest version of a file, and I checked in numerous times tonight (last time a
few minutes ago).  So you should either pull the files yourself or wait until

Comment 29

16 years ago
I was out yesterday; I see the new files and will be looking at them a little
later today.

Comment 30

16 years ago
OK, the new versions of the .idl helped immensely.

Remaining questions/issues:

(1) I don't quite understand nsIDownloadManager::onClose.  The comment 
says "Called when the download manager front end is closed.  Useful for third 
party managers to let us know when they've closed."  I'm guessing the front-end 
*must* call this when it closes (for some reason)?  And I'm unclear as to why 
some other (3rd party) download manager would need to talk to our 
implementation at all.  But maybe you mean a 3rd party manager front-end or 

(2) The argument on open is an nsIDOMWindowInternal.  This is more restrictive 
than just being an nsIDOMWindow (from an embedding perspective).  And can 
aParent be null to make the download manager window a top-level window?

(3) re: removeDownload: There was just a news story yesterday about MS getting 
flak for storing the names/locations of downloaded media files.  When I saw 
that I thought: "Oh oh, that's our download.rdf file!".  Do we need to consider 
the privacy ramifications of storing download information?

(4) re: nsIDownloadItem (in general): Now I understand how this stuff fits 
together.  Making this interface inherit from nsIWebProgressListener explained 
a lot.  But I'm still uneasy about the execessively close relationship between 
the nsIDownloadManager implementation and the nsIDownloadItem information.  
There seems to be a lot of assumptions about how nsIDownloadItem will work, 
beyond the interface expressed by it's idl declaration.  Worse, there's this 
code in nsDownloadManager.cpp:

298   DownloadItem* item = NS_STATIC_CAST(DownloadItem*, aDownloadItem);


Basically, this code will only work with one implementation of 
nsIDownloadItem.  I don't have a problem with that, per se, but I don't think 
the interface should give the illusion that it works with any old 
implementation of that interface.

One way to fix that is to add some sort of createDownload() method to 
nsIDownloadManager and have that method create an instance of the proper 
class.  If we don't register our implementation of nsIDownloadItem with the 
component manager, then the caller won't have a way of getting a bogus one 
(without a whole lot more work).

BTW, checking the result of the NS_STATIC_CAST won't ever fail, since we 
implement that (I believe), using reinterpret_cast<> (or equivalent).

So I think we need to examine this issue a little closer.

One other thing: What's the story with using the target file path as the key in 
the RDF data source (and the implementation of nsIDownloadManager's hash 
table)?  I'm still under the impression that this is technically broken on the 

I've started to look at the implementation, but I thought I'd give you this 
feedback before I've finished with the rest of it.

Comment 31

16 years ago
> nsIDownloadManager::OnClose

I'm not fond of this.  But we need some way to know that the front end is no
longer being displayed, so we stop forwarding the notifications to the ui
progress listener.  I do mean a third party front end.

> The argument on open is an nsIDOMWindowInternal.

You must have a slightly older version. I already fixed this.  Also, I can make
it so that parent can be null.

> Do we need to consider the privacy ramifications of storing download 
> information?

How are we supposed to have an across-session download manager if we don't store
any download information? Storing it unencrypted is another story, I guess...we
store things like location bar history and global history in fairly plain view
as well.

> target path as key

You're right; it's not unique on mac.  I haven't solved this problem yet as I'm
not sure what to use instead (see 'outstanding issues' list at top of

> nsIDownloadItem

I'll try to fix it up.



Comment 32

16 years ago
By the way, if you're beginning to look at the impl now, please ensure that
you've got the latest version.  (That you still had the idl with the
nsIDOMWindowInternal arg leads me to believe you might not.)


16 years ago
Depends on: 128969

Comment 33

16 years ago
An update for those watching this bug: law and I have been discussing download
manager issues via e-mail and testing it for about a week, on a daily basis.  So
this has not been forgotten about.

Comment 34

16 years ago
Blake, can you attach a patch with changes to the existing code (and build 
system files)?


16 years ago
Depends on: 129576

Comment 35

16 years ago
Mass-moving remaining Nav team 0.99 bugs to 1.0.
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.9 → mozilla1.0

Comment 36

16 years ago
ADT2 per ADT triage team.
Whiteboard: [adt2]
i did a brief round of testing with a test build provided by Blake on win2k.
most of the questions/issues i ran into are already known, and i didn't crash or
encounter Scary Regressions (thus far ;).

i kind of brain-dumped my observations and test outline on an internal server:
http://hopey.mcom.com/tests/download-mgr-test-build.txt. again, it's rather
broad coverage, rather than seeking out edge cases. haven't posted here (or
publically) yet, as it's rather long-winded / disorganized (and i'm feeling
sleepy at the moment :)...
I've been looking over this stuff over the past week or two and am happy with 
it. I'm willing to provide sr=ben@netscape.com for this feature to be turned 
on if Bill is happy. 
Have you dealt with:

[11:00:33] <jag> Download Manager now builds on the mac
[11:00:59] <jag> Too bad I can't test whether it works, since I'm still missing
essential patches for the XP hooking up
[11:01:13] <jag> But I'm sure blake will deal with that

Where's the patch that you intend to check in to enable this?  (After all, we
need a patch to approve, and *that* patch needs review and super-review as does
the code you've already checked in "NPOB".)

Comment 40

16 years ago
Created attachment 74542 [details] [diff] [review]
patch for files that are part of the build
Comment on attachment 74542 [details] [diff] [review]
patch for files that are part of the build

>Index: uriloader/exthandler/makefile.win
>@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
> 		  rdf \
> 		  webshell \
> 		  helperAppDlg \
>+      downloadmanager \
> 		  progressDlg \
> 		  plugin \
> 		  unicharutil \

Watch the whitespace.  Have the uriloader module owners approved
this new dependency?
r=pink on the mac build changes.

Comment 43

16 years ago
dbaron: that dependency is stale, and can be removed. I've done so in my tree.

Comment 44

16 years ago
sr=blake on jag's mac build changes
Comment on attachment 74542 [details] [diff] [review]
patch for files that are part of the build

a=dbaron for trunk checkin, since if we're going to have this we're certainly
better off getting more testing rather than less.

Also checking the r/sr boxes based on the following comments on IRC (times
today EST) and the comments in this bug (comment 42 and comment 44) since then:
[14:22:58] <blake> dbaron: i've attached the patch to 102477.
[14:23:36] <blake> dbaron: the only part that hasn't been r/sr'd is the mac
build changes, because jag just sent me those this morning. can you r= those?
Attachment #74542 - Flags: superreview+
Attachment #74542 - Flags: review+
Attachment #74542 - Flags: approval+

Comment 46

16 years ago
Created attachment 74673 [details] [diff] [review]
fix minor post-landing stuff
Attachment #74542 - Attachment is obsolete: true

Comment 47

16 years ago
Comment on attachment 74673 [details] [diff] [review]
fix minor post-landing stuff

Attachment #74673 - Flags: superreview+

Comment 48

16 years ago
Comment on attachment 74673 [details] [diff] [review]
fix minor post-landing stuff

reorder the conditions in the if of case "cmd_openfile":
Attachment #74673 - Flags: review+
Comment on attachment 74673 [details] [diff] [review]
fix minor post-landing stuff

a=dbaron for trunk checkin
Attachment #74673 - Flags: approval+

Comment 50

16 years ago
Okay, this has landed.

Release notes:

- yes, there is a very annoying column resizing bug. no, you can't resize most
of the columns.  this will be fixed when download manager is converted to
outliner, which is simple to do except for bug 129327 (fix in hand)

- there is a column picker, it just has no image (also because of tree)

- sometimes you may notice that the right commands are not enabled, but they are
if you switch selected items and switch back.  this is also due to a tree

Please file any bugs to the Download Manager component (as soon as its created,
bug 128674).
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
No longer depends on: 129576
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 51

16 years ago
One more thing: you currently access the manager through Tasks > Tools. This
will change with the upcoming menu spec (it will be under Tools > Download Manager).
blake, you wanna dump this to newsgroups if there are bugs that already filed
for this once 3-18 builds spin tomorrow?

Comment 53

16 years ago
In an attempt to stave off duplicate bug reports, let me note another thing:
there will be preferences to allow you to change the behavior of download
manager. For example, you'll be able to decide whether you want an individual
progress dialog, the download manager, or nothing at all to appear when you
download something.  

And right now, if you close/cancel the progress dialog, the download will get
canceled (as it does in nightlies).  Obviously, there will be a way to close the
progress dialog without canceling the download (one of the advantages of a
manager).  This is not difficult to implement, it just needs input from UE.
now in all daily verif builds. *zap*
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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