Delete button on main toolbar doesn't always change to "Undelete" when toggled from keyboard or header pane

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 33.0


5 years ago
5 years ago


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31 Branch
Thunderbird 33.0

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(thunderbird32 fixed, thunderbird_esr3132+ fixed)



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5 years ago
That's a fringe use case but a bug anyway:

 - Configuration:
   - Set up Thunderbird for an IMAP account
   - Select "Mark as deleted" in Server Settings
   - Put the "Delete" button on the main toolbar

 - Go to the last message of your Inbox or any other IMAP folder
   (that's to prevent it to moving to the next message after delete)

 - Click "Delete" in the header-pane toolbar, OR
 - hit the "Delete" key of your keyboard

Expected result:

 - Main toolbar button changes to "Undelete" per bug 234665

Actual result:

 - Main toolbar remains with "Delete" label

 - On top, toggle "Delete" status again (not from the main toolbar),
   observe that the toolbar button changes but to the /opposite/ state

The label is correct when /first/ entering a marked-as-deleted message (see bug 801264 though, which may be related).

BTW: The header-pane "Delete" button stays as such and doesn't change to "Undelete" with the message stricken out, that's on purpose?
Observed while testing 31.0b1 on Linux, but also seen with 24.6.0 release and on Windows, so this has been in there for a while.

SeaMonkey 2.26.1 does not show the issue, thus Thunderbird-specific.

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5 years ago
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This works for me. It looks like not all of the changes are really needed to fix this bug, but I added it to all delete paths where it was missing to have some consistency.

This does not fix the message header button, but that one does not have the infrastructure for Delete/Undelete as the toolbar button has.
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5 years ago
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5 years ago
Is this wanted for the new 31.x branch?
Seems to be easy enough as a patch...
Please can someone request relevant approvals (beta & esr?) with appropriate risk statements.
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Ok, I normally like a bit of analysis, but this seems simple enough we can just move forward on. Lets get this onto aurora and beta for some additional testing.
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This already landed in 33.
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