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Emulate being offline


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It would be useful to have a switch that completely emulates being offline, for the current tab. Chrome does this as part of their new network emulation feature.
There used to be an excellent addon that did this. Unfortunately it was Windows only and used it's own dll for the throttling service but maybe we could draw a little inspiration from it's implementation:
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Assigning P1 priority for some devedition-40 bugs. 

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I think ` = false` would do something similar, but the issue is that it is global to the whole browser.
FxOS implemented something better and supports toggling just one app into offline mode:

I tried to fake an app on a tab and used this setAppOffline API, but it doesn't seem to work.

Anyway, this features allows us to have an idea how hard it would be to have a per-docshell offline state:
i.e. quite significant work!

For example:
Adding difficulty=hard whiteboard - please adjust if you disagree but I suspect this is what Alex means.

Alex - if you have some time while you're thinking about this issue, can you file a platform bug to represent the platform changes we would need to set a tab in an offline state? Please cc me.
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Whiteboard: [devedition-40] → [devedition-40][difficulty=hard]
Whiteboard: [devedition-40][difficulty=hard] → [difficulty=hard]
Depends on: 1156659
Done, bug 1156659.
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Triaging. Not a P1 anymore according to our new triage process, and not being actively worked on (filter on CLIMBING SHOES).
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Hey Honza, I think this has been implemented in another bug, right? If so, can you close it as a duplicate please?
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(In reply to Patrick Brosset <:pbro> from comment #7)
> Hey Honza, I think this has been implemented in another bug, right? If so,
> can you close it as a duplicate please?
I don't know about any new net feature that would implement this.
Also, the platform bug 1156659 is still open.

Note, that we recently implemented pause/resume (bug 1005755), but it's different thing.

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The offline option could be part of the Throttling drop down, as mentioned here:


Duplicate of this bug: 1551395
Duplicate of this bug: 1552724
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