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[NFC] Wallet demo app for testing Secure Element API


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Once we will have Secure Element API in place we will need a demo wallet app for testing the new API and showcasing OS capabilities.
I might re-use the old wallet implementation available here:
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Wallet demo using the implementation of SE API (Bug 879861). Current functionalities:
- listing payment applets
- activation/deactivation of payment applet on the contact less interface
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Hello Tim, as in the case of Bug 1029947, we would also like to put this app in dev_apps folder, since this showcases API usage and will also be used by QA to perform testing. Could you review this app?
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For the purpose of testing you put the UIs in "UI Tests" app would be enough. To demo/showcase the work you don't really need to check in an entire app :)

Please note that we really want to keep the build size of eng build small. Thanks!
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As requested, I've refactored Wallet Demo code (removed UI code and resources, simplified app logic) and moved it to new section of "UI tests - Privileged App".

I liked better the original app ;), but I understand your concerns. Could you review this version?
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Thanks! Gaia-try is green.
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