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Consolidate SHA links & buttons next to each commit (and fix broken links)


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Currently for each commit/changeset in a push, there is a:
<SHA linking to treeherder page> [button with arrow on it, linking to]

(See screenshot)

Few things:
1) The SHA currently links to treeherder for this revision, which is redundant, since it just returns the same push as you were viewing previously, since it doesn't make sense to subdivide a push. (If someone wants a permalink to the entire push, they can just use the timestamp on the push header row).
2) For parity with TBPL (and also given #1), the SHA should instead link to
3) If we do that, then both the SHA and the button with the arrow on it link to the same place, so we should remove one of them. For screen estate, it would be best to remove the SHA since it occupies more horizontal space - however it's useful for the sheriffs to have the revision SHA easily copy and pastable, so that would imply leaving the SHA and removing the button.
4) To compromise on #3, we could always use just the button, but have a workaround for copying and pasting (eg like those in bug 1030710 comment 0):
 * Using a pop-up and asking them to ctrl+c:
 * Using a hidden div and auto-selecting text using JS:

The above would also help with bug 1042590.

Even if we aren't able to do #4 soon, we should fix #2 and also remove the button temporarily.
Priority: -- → P2
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Assignee: nobody → cdawson
P1 since the SHA links (which people are familiar with using from TBPL) are currently broken.
Priority: P2 → P1
Summary: Consolidate SHA links & buttons next to each commit → Consolidate SHA links & buttons next to each commit (and fix broken links)

The links were actually fixed in another commit, but this fixes more of the sizing and layout of each revision line.  Removed the button, and made the link go to the repo (hg or git)
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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