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Dragging tab off that is in responsive design mode creates an empty tab in a new window and leaves an empty, unusable space where the original tab was


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open in a tab (in a window with other tabs open)
2. Open Responsive Design Mode
3. Click the tab and drag it off the tab bar

Actual results:

New window was created with empty "New Tab" tab. tab is still present in original window (no longer in Responsive Design Mode). Tabs ( and other tabs) an no longer be pulled off. Rearranging tabs ends with unexpected results (tabs are sometimes positioned on top of eachother, or don't snap into place).

Expected results: tab should be in its own window, and the other tabs should remain in the original window.
On Linux, empty space is left where the tab was. On Windows, the tab is left in place (in the original window). In both cases, a new window is opened with an empty "New Tab" tab and tab arrangement becomes buggy.

Likely related to (may be a duplicate).
This works for me. Can you try in a new profile? ( ) I wonder if an add-on is interfering...
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I've tried it in a new profile and experience the same issue. I also just tested on a separate Windows 7 machine and it happened there as well (non-tech user's machine, so none of the add-ons I have).
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I can reproduce on Linux with 31 as well as trunk. Not sure why I can't reproduce on OS X. :-\

There's an error in the browser console that says:

NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED:  browser.xml:1084

which points to:



Not entirely sure if this is a responsive mode or a tab browser bug, but moving to the latter for now. This leaves the browser in a pretty bad state (the first window's UI is confused about how many tabs it has and/or where this docshell has gone), so I'm putting it in the backlog.
Component: General → Tabbed Browser
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Paul, I think you're probably still one of the people most familiar with responsive mode - any idea what would cause this?
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Depends on: 1067145
Err, wrong bug.
No longer depends on: 1067145
We changed the way the responsive mode works recently, and I think it fixed this bug.

Feel free to re-open if you can still reproduce.
Closed: 9 years ago
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Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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