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Currently, we use awful rules in, based on MOZ_GLUE_LDFLAGS and MOZ_GLUE_PROGRAM_LDFLAGS to link against mozglue. And a set of directories opt out by emptying those variable. We already have code in mozbuild to make essentially everything depend on mozglue so that things build in the right order. That's horrible in many ways, but the main point is that it's all outside of scope which it shouldn't.

Also, when working on mfbt .cpp files or jemalloc (or other mozglue things, such as the linker) on Linux, it makes mach build binaries not pick up changes because of missing dependencies for executables.
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Depends on: 1080375
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Blocks: 1082792
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Note the change is temporary and goes away in subsequent parts.
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This hack has actually not been actively used since sqlite, nss and nspr are
all folded together, because no shared library is actually linked in
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There is no reason these should be linked to mozglue on Linux only. This
makes the intent clearer for the related changes in part 4.
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There are, sadly, many combinations of linkage in use throughout the tree.
The main differentiator, though, is between program/libraries related to
Gecko or not. Kind of. Some need mozglue, some don't. Some need dependent
linkage, some standalone.

Anyways, these new templates remove the need to manually define the
right dependencies against xpcomglue, nspr, mozalloc and mozglue
in most cases.

Places that build programs and were resetting MOZ_GLUE_PROGRAM_LDFLAGS
or that build libraries and were resetting MOZ_GLUE_LDFLAGS can now
just not use those Gecko-specific templates.
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part 4 - Add and use new templates for Gecko programs and libraries

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Very nice. I love how our complex linking situation keeps getting easier to understand.
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